Sunday, June 26, 2016

fs01 Arc 6 thoughts before I get too deep.

After writing part 32 (and starting 33) I have to feel a bit guilty at amping up the D/s intensity again.  My idea for arc 6 is a bit more event/environment based vs concept based.  I seem to feel the need to evolve the characters and dynamics based upon their previous experiences.  I truly hope that this doesn't end up eroding the emotional intimacy between Cassandra and fs or put it too far into the realm of fantasy for people to digest.

It does, however, feel more realistic to let the dynamics of the relationship change over time.  Static is doable, but seems less likely to happen in a D/s relationship that has some very intense dynamics... constant change feels closer to how things have been in my own experiences and the experiences I have read from others.  e.g. if Cassandra felt her dark side awaken by the events of Arc 5, but in conflict with her emotional and rational self, increasing the intensity to a happy medium feels closer to how she might form a compromise: gradually unleash the darkness without completely destroying fs's sense of self or jeopardizing their meaningful intimacy. 

Does anyone agree with any of this?  Disagree?  I guess I'm just looking for some feedback before I get 5,000 words into the arc.

I have already found at least one item I plan to "undo" at the end of the arc but I will let it fester as Cass builds up her desire to restore it over time.


  1. I was pretty happy to see the direction you went in. Not what I was expecting and more than pleasantly surprised. The relationships have to change over time, no mater what. Great story!

    1. Thank you, Michael.

      I will steer the course. I still have the rest of the arc to decide on if things will be made standard or not.

      The future events of this arc are based upon some real life knowledge that I unfortunately never got the chance to experience first hand.

  2. Change is necessary for a D/s relationship to avoid becoming a predictable cliché of sorts. Keep it up. It works.