Sunday, June 26, 2016

Looking back on the past few weeks...

Sorry for the waste of a post here.  I'm very tired right now but letting my fingers wander upon the keys.

I'm looking back and realizing that I made 171 blog posts since May 9th.  Seeing that fs01 is currently at over 91k words (41 posts) and Reflections pulled in at 34k words (23 posts), that is a lot of writing. 

It is probably obvious to some that since I have returned this blog has filled a major hole in my life.  I wrote in lieu of social contact.  I attempted on several levels to reach out to others with extremely mixed results.  Thankfully things are changing a bit.

I have managed to rebuild a bit of a support system.  There are a handful of people I have been corresponding with in private fairly regularly.  This has provided a good outlet to converse in and has helped me feel a lot more stable and comfortable with myself.  The contact I was seeking is now present and it calms my heart a lot.  I no longer get the frantic urge to write.  The downside (or upside) of this is that I probably will not be writing as much.  I want to continue with fs01 and will probably pop in with a few other posts now and then as the urge arises, but that huge wave of feelings that I was riding has faded out quite a bit.

I will still take requests if people would like me to talk about a topic or if anyone has questions about experiences that I have had over the years.  Overall, fewer posts probably means I'm in a better mental and emotional state.

I know that every time I have written that I'm slowing down I end up making like 5 posts the next day, but this time I feel like it is real unless something manages to inspire me in a way that I can't currently anticipate.


  1. I am happy that you are finding balence.

  2. I'm glad that you are feeling much better fs. :-) You have been a busy writer; every time I check in I'm amazed at how much you have written. Now I understand where that is all coming from.

    I often write stories as a kind of release. I've posted a few on Literotica, but lately I've just written and filed them for some future time. Going back to them later for reworking reveals many flaws too. As reader (of books) I pretty much only read nonfiction. Even though I do write my own "erotic" fiction, I kinda prefer erotic nonfiction-stories from real lives. Perhaps as a submissive I can never "get quite enough" so fiction fills that void. One can only be tied up, spanked, and pegged so many times a day, lol. I am amazed at how far some Mistress' push their submissives, and it's then I am thankful that I'm not pushed quite that far.

    1. Thank you, Penney.

      Some of mt writing is for pleasure, some is for thought, some is for venting frustrations, some for catharsis, and some is a "please someone talk to me." Im trying to get that last reason out of my system.

      Having experienced the brunt of some major pushing, I think in many ways that tends to happen when she feels like pushing and he doesn't mind being pushed. It doesn't always happen, but it is an adjustment if you aren't accustomed to it.