Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fun with Initialisms

Well, after last night's little emo shit show of a post I should probably follow it up with something a little more light-hearted.

Has anyone ever noticed that kink in general is like acronym/initialism central?

I don't really mind labels in a very general and functional way.  Acronyms/initialisms, when used well, can say a lot more with a lot less space.  It's an easy means of grouping or trying to seek others who might be similar.  The problems arises when people try to say too much with too little.  When people start using 3-4 letters to try and imply a whole lot about what "should" be associated with it... that's usually when things go down hill.

The solution?  Make initialisms/acronyms bigger.

Since FLR now has so many associations and assumptions lumped into it, I personally find the need for a bigger acronym/initialism that differentiates it from that yet still adequately describes what I view as the relationship that I want.  Having spent a lot of time recently around Fetlife I was reminded at just how much of the BDSM community are not monogamous.  So I will start with M, since I am.  It is also key that I do not seek a purely service-oriented relationship or a play-based relationship, I do seek love, so I will go with L.  I would like to practice this as a lifestyle and not just in the bedroom, so another L works its way in.  D/s is the dynamic, so I suppose I can just use Ds.  Since this is Femdom, FD.  I also prefer a long-term relationship which may or may not imply marriage.  Since long-term relationship includes marriages, it is probably the better letter choices are LTR, although I'm sure someone may use M to differentiate themselves from non-M LTR.

So yes, I would like to associate myself with MLLDsFDLTR's everywhere.

A better solution is probably for people to not use labels to overly define themselves and force anyone into the conformity of a box, but hey, what's done is done.


Afterthought:  I was planning on doing an acronym instead of an initialism but I can't say I was very happy with the results:


  1. Fur, it's clear that you have too much time on your hands:)

    1. I do not argue with that, Lady Grey :)

      I was glad I wrote this though, when I put the MLLDsFDLTR words into an acronym generator I nearly spit my drink on the monitor and enjoyed a good chuckle.