Friday, July 22, 2016

Random Thoughts on Wordpress

I've started trying to take advantage of Wordpress in order to have more blogs to read. I've noticed a few striking differences with the blogging community there as well as just the logistics of the platform.

The "Like" button is nice but not super.  While I would prefer to get replies to my comments and blog posts, a Like is better than feeling ignored.

There are a whole hell of a lot of European/Australian bloggers there.  It feels like the majority of them are.

There are a whole lot more poly blogs.  It feels like most of the Femdom blogs are poly.

People there don't split FLR and Femdom into separate entities like people try to do here.

The search tags are nice.  It doesn't just search your blog... you can search other blogs with those tags.

There is a mobile interface and mobile app for managing things.  e.g. The app has a reader mode that allows you to read, comment, and like blogs from within the interface without having to actually visit the site and get to the bottom of the post.  Also, you can post from a phone without it screwing up.

There is a "notifications" tab that lets you know when someone does anything to do with your stuff.  comments, likes, etc.

When someone follows you it sends you a notification and allows you to follow them back.

Blogs feel a lot less specialized.  e.g. "this is a chastity blog."  "this is a cuckold blog" "this is a sissy blog"  "this is an FLR blog" etc.  People seem to just blog... without really conforming to or advertising themselves as any one label... which seems very different from Blogger.  

The bad:

The way the reader interface displays it buries posts so easily and makes it difficult as hell to scroll through and find them.

Also the interface can be super clunky for navigating to the actual pages... instead of just loading them within the reader.

I made the mistake of flagging my blog as "mature," which basically means I will not show up in any type of search through their interface (tags, keywords, etc.). I wasn't aware as to how bad this was and that most bloggers never get reported or flagged for this.  I don't think this can be undone once done.  Apparently this is a bad idea and you just wait for someone to report you if it does happen. 

These are just a few observations in case anyone is looking at tinkering over there. 


  1. is a quite different author experience from

    Though I'm not sure the .org path fits your desire for appropriate, selective networking without marketing. Though at the rate at which you can write, at least when things are going well, such regular, substantive posts would push your SEO on a .org site.

    1. Thanks Watson. My main thing is just enough interaction where I feel inspired and "not alone." Im not really too picky beyond that.