Thursday, July 21, 2016


It seems a bit odd this year in that the entire internet feels like it has slowed way down in the past few weeks.  I know that summer often means more time outdoors, vacations,  and less time on the computer but I am surprised at the huge decline in blog posts and comments happening almost everywhere.

I guess it just feels a bit strange.  I have fallen into a rut with writing mostly due to some life stuff but it is odd to me that reader traffic is only down by ~20-30% but it feels like blog posts, comments, and forum posts are down by more like 75%.

Am I wrong or does this seem to be the case?
It never felt this severe to me before.

I should have Part 43 done by Sunday.  I will make the time and hopefully be able to find the mindset by then as well.


  1. Just wanted you to know I have been reading and enjoying your posts as I have time. Life does seem to slow in the summer, now especially with a major heat wave sitting over the midwest.

    1. Thank you, Penney. I have missed your comments.

  2. I'm very glad that you brought this up. You're right, fur. I posted my latest blog entry one week ago today. Over 4,000 people have viewed this post, and I have received a comment from exactly one person - you! How is this possible? 4,000 viewers and only one commenter? Does it even pay to go on with this when virtually no one deems it worthy of a comment? I mean, why bother? It doesn't exactly inspire me to take the time that is required in writing a blog entry. I'd rather use that time to support my fellow bloggers by way of commenting on their blogs.

    You're correct in saying that plenty of people are reading, but few are commenting. Based on my blog and yours, it seems that there are many more comments on the "philosophical" type of blog entries than the "story" type. What's your view of that?

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. I am completely baffled at the lack of comments on your post. Normally by now I would expect you to have at least 15-20, if not more.

      It goes just beyond that... it seems like over the past few weeks there has been a "shut down" that happened over a few stages. Vacations seemed to have started in June. The past 7-10 days have been very slow. What is also strange is that the last ~8 comments I have left on different blogs, I have only received responses from two authors. Friends that are active in online games are finding that a lot of people just aren't logging in right now either.

      The philosophical comments are strange as well. While I enjoy the hell out of them, I haven't really had a lot of discussion/response on those since 2011. I think a lot of it may come down to the mindsets of the people who enjoy that type of post... they will continue to comment. The people who use blog reading for more... masturbatory assistance... just aren't making the time to write comments with increased daylight and obligations. I honestly have no clue.

      My blog posts are getting ~25-60 views on average. Blogger seems to have undergone its first changes in the past day or so in a very long time... I noticed them when I saw the splash screen today on login and tried to figure out which follower I lost since yesterday.

      On a side note... I generally write assuming that I only have 4 full-time readers and 2-4 more part-time readers. As long as I hear from them, I tend to feel okay about things. Different types of posts from me tend to draw out the different part-time readers.

      I guess things just feel a bit strange and I'm not sure why. I just assume everyone on the planet has a smart phone and dropping a quick note doesn't take a lot.

    2. There are few things that aggravate me as much as bloggers that don't respond to their commenters. I try to always acknowledge all comments except those that clearly don't require a response or are the final word in an ongoing conversation. I've missed a few over the years - as you know - but I try to rectify those - with an apology - when they come to my attention.

      Conversely (if that's the correct word), when I have made the effort to comment on someone's blog entry, I expect some sort of reply. If I don't get one, I might try one more time to comment to that blogger, and if I am ignored once again, well I can take a hint. I won't be back.

      Right now, I'm trying to decide whether I'll even bother to finish the story of my vacation. I suppose I will, because I don't like to leave things unfinished, but I suspect it will be a drastically abridged effort.

      Be advised, that I totally respect how religiously you respond to commenters. Just one more example of how decent and classy you are.

    3. Thank you, Lady Grey. You are amazing at responding to your comments.

      The worst hint I've received lately was to watch someone respond to every commenter individually by name and conveniently skipping mine. I no longer follow that blog.

      I look forward to hearing about the rest of the vacation, even if it is abridged. The potential for hermit crab CBT or a sea shell and dental floss chastity device have me looking forward to it.

      I try my best to respond to everyone... I'm usually very excited that someone noticed me :)

  3. "I look forward to hearing about the rest of the vacation, even if it is abridged. The potential for hermit crab CBT or a sea shell and dental floss chastity device have me looking forward to it."

    You do crack me up, fur. Now I'll have to finish it:)

    1. :)

      I look forward to it, Lady Grey.

  4. I've noticed it, too. Though the amount of comments I get have pretty much stayed the same (a little more on my last few). Maybe everyone is too busy looking at naughty pictures on Tumblr? ;)

    I also cannot stand when people do not reply to comments. I mean, be respectful and acknowledge that some is speaking to you! It stresses some people out to leave comments and I would hate for someone to feel unwelcome at my place. I've had people skip over my comments and I've left lengthy comments (a rare thing for me) that got no response, I don't read at those places. I do have to say, there are a couple people I follow that don't reply often, but they do reply when it really matters and I'm okay with that.

    Anyway, just keep on keepin' on!

    PS Thanks for following me :)

    1. Thank you, Misty.

      In the past few weeks I've started to follow and read a few M/f and F/f blogs. The traffic and comments have seemed a lot more consistent for some reason. I have rarely gotten a lot of comments but that seems to make it more apparent when they are gone. This seems to be rather widespread in the F/m community right now.

      My dabblings on wordpress show that at least the "like" box lets you know they read them.

      I will try to give your blog a good and thorough lookthrough soon.

      Take care.

  5. You are right that I have not been poating as often as normal. I went from posting daily to not having poated a single thing all week until just now. And I am behind on reading those blogs i love. And have been reading some anf not commenting. I just hate to say something short and meaningless, and sonetimes dont have a clue what to say.

    1. Thank you Miss Lily. It is always good to hear from you :)