Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 44

Author’s Note:  This takes place the morning after Part 43.


I feel her breath on the back of my neck.  The warmth of her body graces me, her arms around me; I am the little spoon.  I close my eyes and soak in all that is her.  The hint of her perfume surrounds me, her sweet smell, familiar and gentle.  The faint whistle of the air as it enters her nose makes me blush.  She is cute without even trying to be.  This woman, my Mistress, the love of my life.  I cling to this moment in time and feel the wave of my love rush over me; this is dear to me… precious… 

She lets out a soft moan as her back arches slightly.  She rubs her feet together and slides them up and down the backs of my legs.  I feel her heat radiating from her sex, my hands secure behind me, so close to her, I long to touch her; I wouldn’t dare without permission. 

She takes a deep breath and her diaphragm expands forcing her breasts against my back.  The cool rush of air tickles the back of my ear as she delicately blows while she exhales.  A small sound leaves her mouth, something between a smirk and a sigh, she teases me.   The hairs of my body stand on end responding to her, I love her entirely, completely, the words of my heart resound so clearly.  She coos as her hands slide up my sides; her fingers quickly find my nipples.  She engages them gently and with a calm familiarity, they soon dance for her.  I exhale a small sound from between my teeth as my sex strains against its metal prison.

Her breathing changes again, I can tell she notices… and she must be smiling.  A vision of her face appears in my head, her loving eyes on display, the gentle posture of her lips, the curves of her cheeks.  I inhale deeply, basking in her sweet scent and the warmth of her heart.  Her hand moves up and caresses my cheek.  I tilt my head to meet her touch, this pleasure is a privilege, one that I deeply enjoy. 

I am hers.  Her pet.  Her lover.  I allow her to possess me and she thrives.  She owns me.  She keeps me.  She resides deeply within me.  She lowers her hands and squeezes me tight around the waist.  Her sex presses against my rear, the heat nearly scorching my skin.  I cannot imagine a feeling better than this.  My fingers graze her abdomen.  I feel the muscles contract beneath them as she exhales abruptly, I picture her grin. 

She raises her hand again, the fur cuff from her robe glides across my neck and cheek.  I plant a small kiss on her hand.  She presses her cheek against the base of my neck, the breath from her nostrils forces its way across my skin in rhythm.  I burn this moment into my mind.  I embrace these feelings.  This is the proof of my existence.  My love for her is all that I need. 

She breaks our silence in a voice barely above a whisper.
“My pet.  My pet.  You… are… mine.”

She grinds herself against me.  She hungers.  I know that soon I will taste her.  She stokes her own fire, the flames will rage out of control; she will exert the privileges of ownership.  A smile parts my lips.  My Mistress, my Queen, my Goddess.  Soon she will take me, use me, and dominate my soul.  If she is the Sun, I am the Moon, I meet her brilliance and compliment her with my gentle glow. 

I feel her nails drag across my skin.  She grinds.  She hungers.  My Mistress.  The love of my life. 



  1. Nice, fur, very nice indeed, and a welcome change from all the preceding horror. I love the line "she will soon exert the privileges of ownership". I live that line, and it's delightful that you recognize it for what it is. Good job!

    1. Thank you Lady Grey.

      I definitely missed writing scenes more like this one. I didn't intend to write such a short chapter but I feel like I needed it to "heal" from the previous bit.

  2. Yay !!!! Mistress is back. I like this part.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. Yes, she has returned :)

  3. Agreed with above...favorite line "she will exert the privileges of ownership"...short and sweet, nicely done!