Saturday, January 21, 2017

A question to fs01 readers

I keep seemingly writing myself into a wall ever since Arc 6.  Part 64 has been in the works for four days now and sits at 4600 words but is still a ways from being ready.  Beyond that, I'm still hunting for ideas on where I want to take things.

I have a question (or three) for those that are reading (and hopefully enjoying) the story.  Are there any types of things or parts that you enjoy the most?   Are there any types of things you want me to avoid?  Are there any things that would make you more excited to read it?

I used to have a consistent amount of feedback from half a dozen readers or so and the answer to that question was so varied that felt right to just keep maintaining a balance of plot, characters, dynamics, play, sex, etc.

Since returning I've felt a lot less certain about my own process and a few of those readers I am no longer in contact with so I figured it is worth asking.

The fur fetish crowd continues to request having me describe every piece of fur clothing in 500+ words but I have continued to resist that request.  I am open to other ideas though. 


  1. As far as I'm concerned, you can keep on doing what you're doing. You've given great depth to your major characters and teased us with bits about some minor characters with potential for more-to-come possibilities. Never boring, always intriguing, and certainly not requiring any nit picking on my part (though I may have picked a few nits along the way).

    From a very personal point of view, I'm not as interested in the fur fetish aspects of fiction fur, but I accept it as an important part of his personality, as it certainly reflects the non-fiction fur's proclivities. As such, it deserves its place in the stories.

    My favorite parts are the teasing by Cass, the punishments inflicted, the foot worship, and the dilemmas that fur faces as an important part of his existence. Keeping fur unbalanced and often surprised by the things that are put in his path is half the fun, and I'd be amiss if I didn't mention the love that our two main protagonists share for each other. Based on my understanding of a perfect D/s relationship, love is vital and allows complete trust to exist.

    In other words, keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much, Lady Grey. Your feedback is a very large part of what keeps me going on my blog.

      I have tried to keep the fur aspect present without being a dominant factor. Once an arc describing a uniform upgrade or the occasional focus on what Cass is wearing when fs gets very attracted to her has felt fair.

      Thank you as well for the list of topics. I had gathered much of that from your comments across the chapters but it always is good to see them laid out plainly.

      I will keep on plugging away.

      Take care.