Monday, January 16, 2017

Random fs01 Arc 8 picture accompaniment

In most cases I like to allow people to try and form their own mental image of some of the devices that I describe in fs01 but I'm feeling I haven't done an adequate job describing the new collar type introduced in Arc 8.

So... here's a picture to give a reference for what I had envisioned.  Something like this that is embedded into the collar and cuffs of fs's uniform and gives a "bite" when the bondage ring is pulled upon:


  1. A smaller version would be perfect for a man's balls. I've always felt the simple ball collar should have a mechanism that contracts when pulled. This would fit the bill (or ball) nicely.

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      That would be rather frightening.

      I remember a few years ago when discussing a related device that you had asked if the constriction would release vs staying tightened. I wouldn't mind knowing if you have a preference on your perfect version: does it tighten and stay tightened or tighten and release?

      Take care.

    2. The perfect device would contract when pulled and stay that way until a release mechanism was employed by the Dom. That might entail some sort of electronics, as in a button you could press to release the tension. Of course, if one is employing electronics anyway, the button could also control the extent of the compression. This sort of setup is probably possible, but might well be prohibitively expensive. What do you think, fur?

    3. Thank you very much, Lady Grey.

      My mind is now swirling and I'm trying not to blush in a public setting.

      Your description of it does get the thoughts flowing. What I have learned over the past year oe two is that anything is affordably possible if manufactured in China.

      I will write more soon.

    4. The idea of having it stay constricted until released is rather devious. I have to say that I love that idea.

      Once electronics get involved everything flies wide open. Shocks, scheduled tightening/release, etc.

      Im still awaiting the day that chastity devices can measure and record attempted erections for frequency and intensity :) A GPS chip would be a nice touch as well.