Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fiction: fs01 - Part 61

Author’s Note: This takes place several days after Part 60.


Today is a slow day. A lazy day. Mistress has lounged about and read. She keeps me from my chores to kneel next to her, keeping her company with my presence. She pets my collar while she reads. I simply watch and adore her.

“Rub my feet, pet.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Gently, no tongue. If you get me too wet I’ll be furious with you.”

I position myself at Mistress’s feet and remove one of her slippers. I begin with a gentle kiss and then slowly and purposefully work my thumbs along her sole. Her breathing becomes deep and slow as she turns to the next page and continues reading. Holding back is a difficult task, and actually, a request she has never made of me before. I quickly theorize she secretly wants a reason to hit me.

Mistress lets out a low moan as I glide across her arch.

“I know that I permit you the media exposure of a cave hermit, but have you heard of this book series, pet? 101 Shades of Beige.”
“No, Mistress. I haven’t.”
“It seems it’s the next hottest thing on the best-seller list. A mainstream Femdom story. It’s a bit heavy on the fantasy, but not that bad.”
“Would Mistress allow me to read it at some point?”
“Hmm… no.”

My face displays some disappointment as I continue rubbing her foot.
“If you’re making a bad face right now I can always arrange to triple your daily chore list. I’m not sure how much free time that would leave you for reading. Besides, this Mistress seems to have a fondness for enemas and lets her little sub have way too many orgasms. I wouldn’t want you feeling jealous.”

I revert to a poker face and begin work on her toes, gliding my thumb from base to tip. She moans and her hand clamps down hard on the book, curling its spine in an uneven manner. I watch the book topple onto the floor.

“What happens to he who flies too close to the sun?”

I shift to a worried look as she slides her hand inside her robe.

“Suck them and then switch feet.”

I place my mouth over her big toe and form a suction. My tongue presses firmly against it and glides across it from base to tip. She bites her lip and moans as the rustle of moving fabric soon reaches my ears. I move down to the next toe and repeat the process. The smell of her sex reaches my nose as it wafts through the air. I feel my sex strain against the belt. I haven’t even reached the pinkey when her hips rise from the couch and she lets out a pleasure cry. She pulls her foot away from me and slides back into the couch.

“You’ll tend to the other foot later. Bring me some wine. Speech privileges removed.”

I rise and bow, feeling a bit ashamed of myself for overstimulating her and again for failing to keep up with her pace. I return to Mistress and serve her the glass.

“There’s a garment bag in the back of my car. Fetch it for me.”

I return from the garage carrying the bag and carefully present it to Mistress.

‘I bet it’s version 4.0’ floats through my head.

“Sasha completed version 4.0 this week and seeing as how my little servant decided not to follow my instructions, now is as good of time as any.”

I kneel and present myself to Mistress. She turns up the cuffs and unbuckles the wrist straps and locks. I face away as she removes the locks from the collar and belt. The dress portion slides from my body. Version 4.0 presents itself from the garment bag. Visually it looks almost identical to 3.0, minus the muff and with the addition of a leather strap connecting the front collar to the belt.

As she guides it over my body I immediately notice the “upgrades.” The discomfort of the punishment lining has been ramped up a notch. It prickles and itches horribly as it slides across my skin. As she cinches up the buckle at the collar I feel the light pressure of metal against my skin buried within the soft touch of fur. The process is faster as each of the old style locking buckles have been replaced by the locking system similar to the gag and blindfold add-ons to the head harness which requires a key but no external padlock. The wrists have been upgraded in the same fashion. As the buckles tighten down, the metal lightly digs into my wrists, again muted by the presence of fur.

Mistress tugs against the O-ring on the wrist cuffs, showing me how the spikes dig in as the ring is pulled away. She does the same on the collar, both with its attachment rings and the strap going down the front of my chest. It feels very similar to the collar she had me wear a few nights ago.

“The upgrades to the other items will be done this week.”

She moves her head close and inhales deeply the scent of the fresh leather. She grips the chest strap with her hand and pulls away with some light pressure. The metal digs into my neck as her off hand finds my nipple and begins to tease.

“I never can resist the urge to make you more uncomfortable.” Her tone is breathy and seductive.
I let out a light moan.

Her nail digs into the flesh of my nipple and I squeal. She responds with a laugh. I lower my eyes. She plants a gentle kiss on my lips and backs away.

Looking down I notice to my surprise that this uniform is the full front version. An ominous feeling creeps into my chest.

“I’ve got something to tell you, pet.”

I turn to Mistress and kneel as she sits back down on the couch.

“A couple of years ago I started a blog, chronicling our relationship together.”

I nod.

“I’ve kept things anonymous as you might have guessed but it has developed quite a following. The readers are mostly men with a handful of women. You might be interested to know there are hundreds of men out there that are absolutely jealous of you. I wonder what their thoughts will be on 4.0.”

I blush a bit. I had guessed as much but it’s always better to know for sure. I’ve never stopped feeling lucky since I have been with Mistress.

“I’ll bet you are wondering why I am telling you about this now.”

I nod. She points to the book on the floor and I hand it to her. I look up at her face, waiting for her response. She extends her left foot towards me. I realize I shouldn’t expect an answer.

“Gently. No tongue. If you get me wet our next trip will be to the basement.”

I hear the book open as she resumes her place. I carefully take her foot in my hand and gently work my thumbs up and down her sole. She lets out a low moan. I fear the basement is inevitable. Her breathing slows as she stretches out her spine. My Mistress, so beautiful. I love her with my all.



  1. Always nice to read of Cass's response to having her feet worshipped. Reminds me of someone:)

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      I try to make sure Cass's feet are appropriately pampered :)

  2. Hmmm... an interesting request. "Do not make me too wet ... or else." ;)

  3. LOL....101 Shades of it! Great segment, furcissy...but I fear that fs will soon be taken down to the basement...he is doomed to fail this particular assignment...