Sunday, January 9, 2011

Game of Chance: The last 52 weeks of chastity

I had meant to include this with my Games of Chance post but it didn't really fit into the flow.

This game of chance is something I read somewhere years ago.  Keep in mind that I'm not a huge chastity enthusiast nor do I condone permanent chastity unless both parties are very strongly in favor of it, but for some reason when I read this game it got me really turned on due to its unfair nature and the potential for mental anguish.

The scenario:  A submissive has one year in chastity before the belt will be locked on permanently.  Their weekly service/behavior will be evaluated and if it receives a passing grade they will receive the chance to be released for a single orgasm.

The rules:
Take a chastity belt (preferably high security), 52 envelopes, 2 working keys to their belt, and 50 keys that won't open the belt (these can be blanks, dummies in the envelope, etc. but I think the effect is greater if the key is the right size/length and will fit into the lock).  Place one key in each envelope and seal it in a manner where any tampering will be evident (or find a way to keep the envelopes away from the sub). 

At the end of each week the envelopes will be placed into a bin.  If the sub receives a passing grade for the week, he must draw an envelope and try to unlock the belt with the key.  If the key unlocks the belt he may masturbate until he cums and the belt will be locked back on.  If the sub receives a failing grade for the week, he must draw an envelope and it will be thrown away without being opened.

When all 52 envelopes have been opened or he has won two orgasms the belt will not be removed again.

I suppose this could be repeated on a yearly basis if the discarded keys were saved instead of destroyed/disposed of without having chastity shift to permanent, but permanence was how it was written out when I read about it.

I'm really not sure exactly why or how this turned me on, but I have a few guesses, most of which are rooted in my desires for deep submission and mind-fucking.

-The potential for only two orgasms per year (especially in the face of permanence) yields a particularly deep level of desperation, and as time passes he will likely reach a rather high strung and frantic state.

-The thought that the key that gets thrown away may have been one of the working keys ensures a strong level of obedience and any failing grade will feel absolutely crushing.  At the same time there's no chance to dwell on it since the next week's behavior cycle will have started and he has to bounce back in his behavior while carrying a pretty heavy mental burden.  This will happen every time he loses a key.

-"Winning" an orgasm is good but at the same time it means you will have one less chance at getting another orgasm in the future.  Winning the second orgasm is winning the last orgasm and is bitter-sweet, physical pleasure met with great mental anguish.

-She can be as strict as possible in her grading since she has nothing to lose but he has everything to lose.  He may have to push himself beyond what he ever thought possible.

The Domme can inflict extreme mental anguish with very little effort (it is all built up in his head).  The odds are so stacked against him (especially if she's very strict) that he'll be forced through the same turmoil on a weekly basis. 

It's interesting to contemplate "worst case" scenarios.  Not getting a single release in 52 weeks vs. getting both keys within the first few weeks.  The former provides the thrill of the gamble.  The latter yields no future hope. 

After giving it some more thought I think this would probably be more fun to do on an annual basis.  Not just because it's not permanent, but after the first 52 weeks the fun would be gone.


  1. Hi Fur,

    What an interesting game i have never seen that scenario before.


  2. Thank you, rfoj74. I just can't seem to shake its memory from my head even though it's something I'd never wish to have happen to me.