Thursday, January 13, 2011

An observation and opening for further discussion

Based upon some of the comments that have happened on various older posts here, I posted the poll about relationships and orgasm frequency (if at all).  Now I will be the first to admit that you can't gather decisive information from a poll like that, nor how many people who voted have been in or are in D/s relationships (so some votes may be representative of a thought/feeling that would likely be drastically different if confronted for real). 

This is mainly in response to comments made towards rfoj74's comments on his experiences with his sub/sissy.  So far there have been 14 votes by subs.  5 said they would be willing to get into their ideal D/s relationship at the expensive of never orgasming again or having very very infrequent orgasms.  8 have said it would be a harder decision but if the situation was just right they probably couldn't keep themselves from going for it.  1 has said there's no way they would even consider it. 

Out of the two Dommes that have voted so far, 1 has voted they could see themselves demanding their sub to give up orgasms if the situation warranted it and 1 said they probably would never do that but can see where that would be useful.

I guess what I'm not sure of is... are those comments from a very vocal minority?  Or since few have talked at all in favor of any of the possible merits of that situation are they in fact a vocal majority? 

I guess I'm just curious.  I'm not really trying to say one side is right or wrong, I'm merely wondering where people are coming from on the subject and how their views on the BDSM and D/s lifestyle may affect those views. 


  1. I think at various times in my life - i/.e in the right circumstances - realistically, it would have been very hard to resist a orgasm-lite lifestyle relationship, especially since my kink is focussed on just that, and if I'm not getting orgasms, then I'm locked into a spiral of kink. However, I would not argue that this would have been a good thing.

  2. It's that never ending balance of fantasy vs. potential reality. It's easy to think a fantasy is real, but it's much harder to weigh actual reality... what would it take for me to be willing to give up ?