Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Poll: What type of suffering do you prefer?

I haven't posted a poll in a while.  The reason I removed the old polls and haven't really created new ones was because I wanted people to be able to vote for them over an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, when I kept extending the time limit older votes began to vanish from the poll.  This one will have a 2-week run.

The poll question is directed at both Dommes and subs in relation to emotional vs. physical suffering.

I'm curious if you have one that floats your boat more than the other or if you prefer to have both involved when suffering occurs.

Some examples of activities I would consider emotional suffering:
-Corner time
-Speech / eye contact restrictions
-Mind fucking

Some examples of activities I would consider physical suffering:
-Spanking / flogging
-Orgasm denial / chastity
-Nipple torture

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