Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slave Competition Game #6 - Dance Off

Yet another game idea for Lady Grey's post Roadblocks.

I'm not quite sure what Patsy likes about forced fem, so I'm not sure if this will have any appeal to any of you but it might be entertaining.  This does go under the assumption that the men will at some point, be dressed up in women's clothing.

Choose a "theme song."  Each woman could choose a unique song for their sub or it could be the same song for all of them.  You may want to have some limitations on length (e.g. 3 to 4 minutes).

Each sub has to come up with a choreographed dance routine to go with the song.  The routine should be as sexy as possible and they will have to be able to perform it while dressed (I'm assuming this will involve some sort of high-heeled footwear). They will have X number of days to practice and perfect their routine.  It will probably be more fun if you don't give them any direction on what "sexy" is.

On the day of:
Turn off the background lights in the room.
Have some sort of bright lamps acting as spot lights on them.
Play the music and have each of them perform their routine one at a time.
Upon completing their dance, each woman will judge them on a scale of 1 to 10 for: sexiness, technical execution, and originality.
Highest score wins.

-On the day of the performance, add nipple clamps or a well-placed clothes pin before they start their dance.  This should mess them up something royal.
-Have them wear some kind of eye mask that hides their identity and video tape it.  Tell them it will be going on youtube (even if you have no plan on doing that).

I have a feeling this would bring on many laughs and you may even discover some surprising creativity from the subs. 


  1. Thank you once again for your input. I think this one would definitely appeal to Patsy, but there's a bit too much feminization for my taste. I've never gotten off on having male subs try to be "sexy females". I think it's the "sexy" aspect that annoys me. I do find an occasional costume situation enjoyable, such as a French maid's outfit, but the attempts to make a sub into a sexy female just seems more of a mockery of females than a mockery of the sub. But that's just my take on it.

  2. Thank you for the feedback, Lady Grey.

    I wasn't quite sure how this one would go over but I can understand your feelings on it.

    One of the things I tried to go with was to keep "sexy" up to the sub's interpretation. I figured these would vary quite a bit. Would they be dancing like a man trying to turn a woman on or would they dance like a woman trying to turn a man on?

    Would they be imitating a pop star dancing in a music video or be more like the Chip N' Dale's audition dance off from SNL with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze?

    My body type so doesn't jive with feminization that it ends up being more of an insulting (to me) caricature than any true attempt at femininity.

    I'm 2.5 for 6 so far... I will keep trying to come up with ideas and hopefully I'll be able to break .500. On the upside, my failures give me a better impression of what to go for.