Sunday, October 22, 2017

Thoughts on Verbal Triggers

I had a bit of a discussion yesterday with someone about verbal triggers and it got me thinking about it more.  Verbal triggers are quite fascinating to me because something that requires such little work can have such a great impact upon submissive mental space.

There are different ways this works.  Verbal reinforcement.  Providing motive and context.  Prying open insecurities.  Painting fantasies.  Instilling fear.  Waking desire.  Building anticipation.  These are all tools in the great big dominant tool box.

Most of these have the capacity to be used to trigger positive or negative feelings, and in some cases, both simultaneously.  Not only can these deepen your mental space, but they can also create associations.

Think of the phrase, "I love it when you're my dirty slut."  You might find yourself reeling at feeling cheap, perverse, and usable, but then warm at feeling pleasing, loved, and validated.  It is a case of feeling diminished to feel elevated, and it's an interesting feeling to say the least.  With the right reinforcement, feeling diminished can feel good.

Most of us have fantasies that we have shared with our partners, knowing they will remain only fantasies.  They go too far.  They push the limits to a potentially harmful extent.  Yet still, they work their way into our psyche and take hold.  Referencing these fantasies in the moment can create a sense of cognitive dissonance that brings about a mixture of fear and arousal that increases the depth of submission.

In other cases, there are times when an act does nothing for you until... they tell you why.  Why do you have to do this?  Because ________________.  Often the undesirable becomes a deep act of submission when the stage is set and your mind is set spinning into the depths.

Such is the glory of words.  They don't even have to be true, they just have to be chosen wisely in order to have an impact.

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