Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chastity Revisited

 The longer I spend in the lifestyle and the more I think about things the more convinced I become that all submissive men (especially sissies) should be kept locked in chastity.  It's not that I think every sub out there is always wanting to sneak off and orgasm whenever they can, it's just that the penis can often cause unwanted behaviors and mindsets.  Do keep in mind that I find long-term chastity to be incredibly unpleasant... but whether or not I feel it's necessary is something still up for consideration. 

Yesterday in my post on the root of submission I had talked a bit about the balance of sexual arousal and love/devotion and how both come into play when it comes to your role as a submissive.  However, in the long-run I believe the penis will always overwhelm the mind and heart.  If you wish to be a perfect submissive and everything that she wants and needs, how come a little bit of arousal and teasing pops up and there's an immediate transformation into a sexually-driven neanderthal?  I'm not saying that this always leads to negative behaviors, but it's more that the motivations behind the behaviors changes drastically and in a bad way.

At some point in the process the core of your submission transitions from being grateful to serve her to a source of fetish-related arousal.  The rational mind blanks and the submissive fantasy takes over. 

The submissive lifestyle minus the erection is still the submissive lifestyle we long for.  The primary difference is that when erections and orgasms are strictly controlled, that lifestyle now exists completely on her terms (which is also what we long for).  The rational mind becomes clear and focused.  There's no "personal spin" on our actions, behaviors, and attitudes.  It becomes a more pure form of servitude.  I see this as a behavioral upgrade no matter how you can try to break it down.

When release and climax only occurs when your behavior has met her exacting standards, the sexually-driven goal of the male now becomes perfect service. 

I would advise Dommes out there to keep her standards at a very high level, one that is almost unattainable without perfection.  A desperate male is capable of rising to the occasion if he has a consequence to fear.  Remaining strict and consistent should bring out the best in him.  An idea to keep him growing would be to raise the standard for his next release each time he earns an orgasm. 

This isn't exactly the answer I wanted to get to but it makes too much sense to ignore.

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