Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is it about Earmuffs?

What is it about earmuffs that messes with me so much?  They seem to set off some kind of weird love/hate battle inside of me.  While they can be quite practical and there are some styles that can pass off as unisex, they are for the most part, an item that is very feminine... although feminine might not be the best word for it... girlie might be a better description.  I have seen women out there who can pull them off in various ways.  Some find a way to have them come off as fashionably chic.  Others manage it in kind of a girlie-cute way. Over the past few years there's been a lot of newer, more practical/fashionable types of earmuffs that have been available on the market which has made this process a bit easier.

Earmuffs have long been a part of my forced dressing.  They were initially used sporadically as a humiliating punishment.  Later on, they became a regular item I was required to wear most of the time.  One of my Mistresses absolutely loved to make me wear earmuffs.  It was a bit of a taunt, since they were fur, but at the same time I wouldn't actually feel fur on my body so if warmth wasn't an issue the fur was simply ornamental with no pleasure involved.  While that was part of it, I think what she enjoyed most was that they made me look stupid and completely sissy.  I was well aware of this and she would constantly reinforce that sentiment as the earmuffs I wore were only the most flagrant of styles.

At some point along the way earmuffs became something that I subconsciously associated with deep submission.  While they have always managed to retain the ability to make me blush and crush my male ego, for some reason it also gives my submissive side a bit of peace.  In the face of teasing and laughter I find myself immediately plunged into the lowest levels of subspace that I find comforting... well, in a controlled environment that is.

Being told I was going to wear them out (even just in the car) would have me whimpering, whining, begging, and pleading almost to the point of tears and I was willing to take a beating for it if I had to.  The thought of it still makes me tremble.

Over the years I've learned many things about earmuffs in the BDSM lifestyle.  Even ones designed simply for warmth will block out quite a bit of sound if it's layered over a bondage hood and a beanie.  Add some wax, cotton, or earplugs underneath and you will practically be deaf.  I guess you could call it "sissy sensory deprivation." 

However, if I have learned anything over the years when it comes to earmuffs is that the only thing worse than being a sissy out in earmuffs is being a sissy out in earmuffs over an equally sissy hat like this one:

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