Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Hard Being a sissy

It can be very difficult to be a sissy.  If you've reached "the point of no return" and it has become a part of your sexuality, it's doubtful that this will ever go away.

Sissies carry a certain stigma.  Most Dommes tend to view all of them in a similar light even though they can vary significantly from person to person.  It's true that many sissies are cross-dressers, many are transvestites, and a lot of them wish for forced homosexual experiences.  The last category are those who crave it for either the humiliation involved or the intense submission it induces, or a mixture of both. 

For these latter types it becomes a bit of a trial to separate themselves from the other types. 

Many Dommes reject sissies because they feel that a good number of them are very needy and are always craving attention or activities in which they are the focal point.  That is, they feel most sissies do quite well in play situations but tend to be not as good at the lifestyle portion of submission.  At other times, they do come across sissies who are quite good at the lifestyle aspects of submission but those sissies also have a tendency to be doormats, and aren't usually appealing to them as lovers. 

This often leaves those sissies who are capable of being both lifestyle submissives and attractive life partners out in the cold without ever having been given a fighting chance to prove themselves because of who they are.

It's understandable in cases where Dommes simply aren't attracted in the slightest to those who have any underlying desire to cross-dress (no matter what the reason) as this is simply a preference that can be out of our control.  We can't always choose who and what we are attracted to.

However, to the Dommes out there seeking subs but automatically cross anyone who has any sissy tendencies off the list, here's something to think about.  Being a sissy is kind of like being short in vanilla dating.  It's something that is a part of him and it's out of his control.  Most women tend to want a guy who ranges from taller to significantly taller than her, even in heels, which means a guy generally has to be at least 3" taller than she or he will be written off without being given a chance.  By tossing all sissies to the wayside without getting to know them you might just over-look a diamond in the rough.     

Smart sissies are aware of what is realistic and will probably be fulfilled with forced dressing experiences on a part-time basis (while their submission may be full-time).  The sissies who would make worthy subs are often willing to try harder since they know they have to be twice as good to get a chance.  It's okay to require a higher standard of them if you are compromising to meet their needs.  If they are worth their salt, they will be willing to work twice as hard to be viewed as half as good as a regular sub. 

For the sissies out there, be willing to accept the opportunities that may be available.  Being dressed as a maid 24-7 is an unlikely prospect: that is notion is purely a jerk-off fantasy.  However, be realistic in what you would need to still be happy.  I think most of you out there would be perfectly content with being required to wear panties every day, serving fully dressed on Sunday mornings and afternoons around the house, with maybe an occasional outing (even if it's only on Halloween). 

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