Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shopping Humiliation

It seems the assigned shopping trip always seems to grace the assignment requests for sissies seeking to humiliate themselves.  While I can understand this in some ways, there's other ways that it doesn't click with me.  You will find people wanting to take on these assignments in two different ways.  Those who get embarrassed buying feminine items and those who buy the items and want to make it abundantly clear it is for them and not for someone else.

I always get the feeling that people seeking the first type haven't had a significant long-term relationship with a woman.  If they did, they probably wouldn't think that picking up a pair of pantyhose or some feminine products at the store on the way home is a very big deal.  For those seeking the latter type it usually seems they wish to have their humiliation happen in a controlled manner.  They want to pick the situation, feel it out, and then drop the bomb on some salesgirl hoping to elicit a humiliating reaction from her.  This isn't the fairest thing to do to her and while some women may enjoy it, I have a feeling that the vast majority will harbor at least some negative feelings in its aftermath.

Granted, any public outing will in fact draw in unwilling participants in that scenario, but why up the ante a bit?  Don't go in to buy an item to merely tell her it's for you, go into a fitting room, put it on, cut the tags off, and wear it to the counter and pay for it.  It's more straight-forward and now, instead of having to bait for a reaction, you'll flat out get one and at the same, depersonalize yourself a bit in the process.  It turns the salesgirl into more of a spectator than a participant, which is a bit kinder to her feelings IMO.  If you need shoes to match a purse (or a purse to match some shoes), wear/bring the item you have and track down the one you need on your own.

I don't know, but for some reason that just makes more sense to me. 

Being ordered to buy something for a humiliation session as well as going out shopping with my Mistress for something that will be used to humiliate me is something I've experienced often.  I've always been a gift-giver and have no issues shopping for women's items when they are for her.  There's a bit more anxiety when I have bought something knowing it would be for me but I can usually keep that under control and behave as if I was shopping for her.

Where things tend to stretch my comfort zone is shopping with her for things to be used on me.  I've always found that for some reason these situations affect me differently and I believe it has to do with the loss of control.  The direction of how the situation goes is fully in her hands.  The thing is, I find these experiences to be agitating rather than exhilarating.  I clam up.  I feel hurried and fidgety.  When I speak, my words become meek and mumbled.

It's such a drastic change compared to when I am alone.  I've been given nondescript orders such as "buy a hat that will make laugh at you when I see you wearing it" and come through fine, in and out without hesitation.  However, if we go out shopping together and if the plan is to "buy a hat that will make her laugh at me when she sees me wearing it," I'll see exactly what she is looking for us to get and find myself unable to speak.  It turns me into a child tugging at a mother's sleeve saying "this one" with his eyes.  This feeling gets completely exacerbated if I'm forced to try it on, carry it around/to the counter, or if it's made abundantly clear that it is for me.

It's odd that this is such a polarized reaction to when we go shopping together for her.  I'm whizzing around, grabbing everything in sight that I think she would like or look good in. 

I'm not sure.  Maybe I enjoy the thought of humiliation rather than the actual act of being humiliated in public?  I'm not really sure.  I can say that those shopping outings definitely plunge me into a rather deep subspace but at the same time they also cause me great emotional distress.  I don't make sense to myself sometimes.

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