Monday, March 13, 2017

Learning Curves

When I hop back into the kink universe I end up encountering people of a wide variety of experience levels.  There will always be an influx of the new... the previous-new become the experienced, and the experienced become the veteran. This is true of just about every hobby, interest, or experience imaginable. 

It is strange when people as a whole lose sight of the frame of reference that they themselves have experienced.  This doesn't happen to everyone.  It happens "enough" for me to notice.

There are many people eager to learn... still on the early stages of the learning curve.  This is when things are incredibly exciting: so many avenues yet to be explored and potential all around us.  The mind absorbs like a sponge, thirsting for understanding of concepts and a constant ebb and flow of wondering what will end up appealing to both the mind and the body.

In these times it is important to exercise great care when communicating with these people.  Their minds are a sponge... and will soak up what it is fed.  This can be encouraging and positive, helping them sort through the wave of novelty in a way that steers them away from pitfalls and easily avoidable mistakes.  They can also be filled with toxic attitudes and out-of-context ideas that force them into corners... paths with a fixed end and no freedom to choose.

It is easy to throw caution away and say, "well what I say isn't intended for them."  If that is the case, then who are we actually writing to?  Who will benefit or gain from what we say?  I doubt that a submissive that has spent more time in the lifestyle and under more intense dynamics can gain much from what I have to say.  With that in mind, I am writing to those who have slates that are not completely filled in.  The people with blank spaces still trying to figure out who they are, what they want, and what they will enjoy. 

I will admit that there are times when I write just for me.  I can understand when people choose to target a specific audience.  There are times when I write with a purpose and wish to communicate or convey an idea or belief and in these times I try to make sure that I include something of the process and reasoning as to how I reached this end.  That way it can possibly help guide someone who is on the learning curve, showing them the path I have found from A to B and giving them more to go on than just "this is B and that's how it is." 

While there are a good number of people who write and share in this way I think it's important to keep this in the back of our minds.  Who we were last year is different from who we are now and we were all at some point, beginners.

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