Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 45


We spend the next day and a half together.  We barely speak but this is not a bad thing.  We are simply close to each other; I feel her love and I share my love with her.  I have never seen Mistress this clingy but I can say that I do not mind it at all.  We never leave each other’s sight.  Although she brought home several gallons of my prison food she tried one sip and decided to order in for our meals. 

We lay together in bed in the afternoon, our bodies pressed tightly together in her favorite spooning position. 

“pet, are you okay?”
“Yes, Mistress, your pet loves you.” 
“Are you really okay?
“Yes, Mistress, your pet understands.”
“Just what do you understand, pet?”
“Mistress has been exploring… feeling her way… through the darkness.”

She pauses.  I feel her breathing shift as she processes and gathers her words. 

“I’ve been worried, pet.  Have I been pushing you too far?”
“Your pet suffers for you, Mistress.  It makes your pet happy to serve you.”
“Answer the question, pet.”

Her fingers find my nipples and squeeze.  I let out a small gasp and feel my sex strain against the belt.  My senses awaken and her scent intoxicates me; my head spins.  I take a deep breath and release the feelings of my heart.

“Mistress, some things have hurt and scared your pet a lot.  They made your pet’s heart hurt.  Your pet felt broken.”

I hear her sniffle as she places her lips on the back of my neck and plants a kiss.  Her arms tighten around me.  I place my hands on hers; she is so warm.

“I’m so sorry, pet.  I feel this wickedness inside of me and it scares me.  It wants to hurt you… it wants to see you suffer.”
“Does it feel good, Mistress?”

She pauses.  I can feel her heart beat through her chest. 
“Yes, pet.  It feels good… it makes me feel… alive.  I get so wet just thinking about it.  I feel so guilty about it later.”

I smile but our positions hide my face from hers.  She shares with me more than normal.  She is conflicted.  It shakes her confidence.  I smile because she is open with me.  I love her.

“Can you find a balance, Mistress?”
“A balance of what, pet?”
“A balance of the wickedness and love, Mistress.”
“I don’t know, pet.”

I think of the promises in my heart.  I feel uneasy… like this time is critical… what I say next is important… and what it will mean to the both of us.  I squeeze her hands. 
“What does the wicked voice say, Mistress?”

She takes a deep breath.  Her body shifts as she leans her head back.  She presses her hips against me and I feel her heat build.

“pet… it wants to string you up and bite you with my whip and hear you scream.  It wants to lock you down and violate you until you whimper and sob.  It wants to brand you and mark you as mine.”

She grinds her crotch against me and squeezes me tighter.  My brain twitches with fear but my heart remains hers.
“It wants to keep you locked in chains just to see you struggle.  Oh, God, pet.  It wants to seal your chastity belt just to watch the anguish on your face as it happens.”

Her skin burns like fire.  I cannot deny that she scares me right now.  My love for her is stronger.  I steel my resolve.

“Mistress, what if your pet would love you more if you did any of those things?  What if your pet would love you more for having trust and faith… strong enough to be who you are?”

Her lips touch the back of my neck again.  Her grinding stops.  She cries softly against me. 
“Mistress, your pet loves you no matter who you are.  Your pet is here for you no matter what.  Your pet will always love you… will always be here for you… your pet believes in you.”

She hugs me without speaking, the silence interrupted only by the sounds of her gentle cries.  I feel her tears on my back.  I sense her battle… her conflict that rages within her.
“Mistress, your pet has felt your whip and endured.  Your pet has been violated by you and endured.  Your pet has felt your chains and endured.  Your pet would wear your mark with pride.  Your pet would let you seal him and show you his anguish.  Your pet would still love you.  Your pet loves to see you grow.  Your pet grows with you.”

Her tears slow; she sniffles as her breathing gradually calms. 
“I love you, my pet.”
“Your pet loves you, Mistress.”
“pet, I think it’s cute the way you talk now.  I will have to thank Amanda.”

I blush briefly, realizing that my speech patterns have changed unconsciously. I smile again, knowing her heart is calm. 
"pet, I want you to keep talking that way when in slave mode.  When we are intimate like this I want you to speak normally."
"Yes, Mistress.  Your... I understand."

“You know, pet, I would never seal your chastity belt.  I still like to feel you inside me, I just make myself wait for it… it is special.”

My heart calms as well.  I squeeze her hands tightly.  We lay together in silence, I can tell from her breathing that she is thinking… processing… coming to terms.  I hear her lips, her tongue clicks lightly against her teeth as she finds the words.

"If you want to see your new Mistress I will show her to you when she is ready."
I lift her hand to my mouth and place a kiss on it.
"I might make some mistakes, pet.  Are you okay with that?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"I will do my best to find a balance."
"Yes, Mistress, I will do my best for you as well.

She shoves me away and wiggles her way to the other side of the bed.

“Fetch your cuffs and collar, pet.”
“Yes, Mistress.” 

I roll off the bed and move across the room to retrieve them.  She stands on the far side of the bed, straightening her robe.  She is beautiful.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  My Mistress. 

She makes her way casually to the dresser, retrieving her hat and placing it on her head.  The remote beeps and the cold air begins to flow.  I kneel before her and lift my hands, presenting the leather restraints.  She takes the collar in her hands and I lower my head.  I feel the cool leather close around my neck.  I feel it tighten, the buckle closes and the click of the lock securing it in place.  The wrist restraints follow, she tugs at each hand; I can smell her.  My cock reacts but its metal prison swiftly blocks its advance.     

I lie on my back and hold my feet up while Mistress attaches the ankle cuffs.  This position leaves me feeling very exposed.  The brim of her hat casts a shadow that hides her eyes from me.  The smirk of her lips is all I have to go on.  The last lock clicks and I relax my legs and shift to my knees. 

“slave, get on the bed, face down.  I think your hole could use some stretching.  The girls told me they thought you were a little too tight.”

I try to fight back the groan without success. 

“I’m joking, pet.  That look on your face is priceless.  I want you face up.”

I lower my head and feel my face burn.  Mistress loves to push my buttons.  I make my way to the bed and slide onto my back.  I spread my arms and legs as close to the corner restraints as I can.  She follows and locks my ankles in place and attaches my collar to the headboard. 

“I want to feel your hands, pet.”

She surprises me with her next act, her hands fumble through the keys as she locates the one for my belt.  The lock opens and the front plate slides off.  My penis twitches in the open air.  The belt loosens.  She taps my hip with her hand, I raise my torso and she slides the belt out from under me.  She taps the shaft of my sex with her fingers and it springs to life at her command. 

The bed shifts as she crawls on.  Her aura has changed in an instant.  She is a predator and I am her prey.  Mistress parts the bottom of her robe and straddles my thighs; I feel her heat.  She runs her hands over her breasts, massaging them with the fur lining of her robe.  Her chest expands with a deep breath.  The intensity of my erection builds. 

She takes it in her hands.

“Is this the best you can do, pet?  I thought you would be more excited.” 

I shut my eyes tight and my face flushes red with shame.  It grows within her grip.

“Good boy.  The last thing I wanted to hear is ‘it’s because of the chastity belt, Mistress.’”  She smirks and mocks me.  It forces itself to grow larger.

“My, my, pet.  I think we found something new, haven’t we?”
My reply is meek and timid.  My body’s reactions tell her all. 
“Yes, Mistress.”

She slides upward over my body and guides herself onto my engorged penis.  She exhales deeply as I fill her insides.  Her heat surrounds me as her muscles flex, tightly gripping the shaft.  I let out a small moan of pleasure.  This is a privilege. 

“Don’t cum, pet.  If you lose control I swear that I will have your testicles removed, bronzed, and turned into earrings.”  My eyes open wide.  Her words have a sobering effect.  She lets out a giggle, disarming me and I again lose myself in her presence. 

Her hands grasp my wrist and pull them to her hips.  She moves them in place before I take over.  I glide my palms over her body through the robe, up and down, tracing the contours of her hips… her waist… her ribs.  She grinds upon me.  I feel her chest expand with each breath.  She tilts her head back, her face finally leaves the shadow of her hat’s brim.

My Mistress is beautiful.  Her hands glide over her breasts.  Her mouth opens and her eyes stare off into nothing.  I forget everything, mesmerized by her form and the power of her sex.  I love her.  I tilt my hips and direct my cock at her G-spot.  She continues to grind, sliding up and down, its tip finds her front wall and her breath shudders as it leaves. 

Mistress bobs and grinds upon me, each cycle plunging deeper.  I thrust my hips to meet her, eliciting low moans from her diaphragm.  I zone in on her pleasure, my thoughts focus, occasionally interrupted by simple impulses… lucky… love… special… Goddess.

Our rhythm finds its sync, I force myself against her G-spot with every motion.  In and out, up and down, she pulls my hands up and I cup her breasts.  I gently massage and knead her body through the robe.  Her fingers find my nipples, teasing, twisting, and pinching until my sex grows again inside of her. 

I’m lost in a wave of love and lust, the scents of her perfume and sex fill the air around me.  Her muscles grip me tighter as she forces my hips against the bed.  She silences her moan by plunging her tongue deep into my mouth.  Her hunger burns… and feasts upon my soul.  She bites my lip and I whimper; she responds with a violent hiss. 

Her body bounces upon me, faster, harder, her ferocity builds.  I focus my motions and key in on her pleasure zones.  She digs her nails into my tender flesh and rips her hands away, grabbing my wrists and pinning them to the bed on either side of my shoulders.  Her face hovers over mine, her mouth his open, her eyes are lost, she arches her back. 

Our thrusts meet with an impact, the slap of flesh on flesh blends into the sounds of our sex.  The jingling of chains, the creak of the bed, her pleasure cries build and fill the room.  Her muscles crush me and rip at my sex.  She is close. 

Deeper, harder, faster, keep going deeper.  Her thighs pinch my body as her hips continue to slam against mine.  Her nails dig into the skin of my wrists and my hands begin to tingle.  She thrashes about, up and down, in and out, I keep pumping to meet her.  My beautiful Mistress… my Queen… my Goddess… I long for her pleasure.  I feel her muscles twitch around me, she tilts her head back and wails. 

I feel my head drift toward ecstasy.  The pleasure consumes me.  I continue my motions… trained… habit… my body continues to please her.  I feel her insides contract and spasm, they shake around me, she calls out.  Pump… pump… pump… her body tightens and shakes; I feel her juices upon my skin.  She quickly slides off and slumps against my hips. 

My brain continues to seep with desire.  I hump the air and whimper.  She cups my scrotum in her hand and delivers a firm slap to my cock.  I screech as it falls limp between my legs.  My hips cease and my breathing slows, sanity slowly returns to my head. 

She sprawls out next to me, her arm sprawled over my chest.  I close my eyes and inhale the scent of her perfume.  I love her.  She nuzzles her face against my shoulder. 

“I love you, my pet.”
“I love you with all of my being, Mistress.” 

We lie motionless together.  The rise and fall of her body with each breath entrances me.  I am happy.  Minutes pass.  She rolls onto her stomach, her body half over mine, and our eyes meet.  She regains her composure more quickly than I do.  Her lips part with a grin.

“I miss you as my sissy, pet.  I want you to change into your old uniform.  That will have to do until the shop can get version 3.0 ready.  Version 2.0 isn’t cutting it, the collar affects your ability to pleasure me and I want access to your nipples.  It makes me so wet to see you in your uniform.”

I furrow my brow without making a sound. 

“I think the slave has forgotten his place.”  My eyes open wide and I squeal as she gives my nipple a hard twist.  She changes gears at will.  I feel my sex twitch and it soon stands on end. 

“I don’t remember your contract giving you any vacation days.  How many days are you behind on your chores, slave?  I will have to think of a suitable punishment.”

Mistress slides away from me and pushes me forward with her hands.  She releases the locks binding me in place. 

“After we put your belt back on, get dressed and wait for me in your cage in the dungeon until I summon you.”
“Yes, Mistress.”



  1. A tour de force, fur. Clearly your most erotic writing thus far. I love the fact that, as you say, "She shares with me more than normal". Yes, she does, and that makes it more real. That, plus the later stages where she turns on a dime and becomes the cruel Mistress once again, revealing her vicious desires and using fiction fur for her pleasure without allowing his release. Loved it all!

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. It makes me very happy to hear that.

      This part felt very dear and special to me, yet those feelings also felt evolved compared to earlier chapters.

      I did feel like Cassandra required some "redemption" to the readers so I wanted to make sure a wide scope of her emotions were out there.

      Take care and thank you again.

  2. They are back! Love fs and Mistress Cass when they come together like this!