Monday, August 1, 2016


I had a whole post to go with this but it felt too whiny.

I'm fairly pissed/disappointed.  I tore my rotator cuff last week (I thought I had maybe just strained it but confirmed it last night) and this has seriously derailed my whole "getting back into shape" plan.   I was starting to feel decent about myself from a physical standpoint as well... now I'm frustrated.

Hopefully I will only be out for 2-4 months.  I've re-injured this so many times I pretty much just know what I have to do for rehab.  I just hate having it happen during a period of motivation for self-improvement. 


  1. Ugh. That sucks so bad :(. I've just had cortisone for a shoulder problem, but I know that even if you can do other things, an injury like that is really demotivating.

    Still, men who pay attention to what they're putting in their mouths will mostly see benefits quickly, so you can still achieve a lot in the next few months *rah rah!!* :).


    1. Thank you, Ferns.

      I was finally getting the "holy crap, have you been working out?" comments from people. I do need to be better about what I eat.

      I tore the same rotator cuff last August and had finally gotten it strong enough to really start ramping up my routine again. Hopefully I will be able to get back to work sooner rathet than later as I don't think this one is as bad as last year's (that one had me down for 8 months).