Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 47

Author’s Note:  This take’s place sometime after Part 46. 

Changed to Arc 7, Part 47.  Originally posted as Arc 6 Bonus Chapter - Wine II.
Start of Arc 7.


I kneel in the room and fidget.  Mistress is out with the Domme group at the BDSM club tonight.  She left me at home as I was behind on my chores this week after being ordered to wash the inside of all of the windows in addition to my normal duties.  I finished up an hour ago and now I wait for her return.

I anticipate she will arrive, a little tipsy from the booze and probably in the mood to play.  My pulse quickens at the thought.  I try to calm myself but my nerves awaken, the anticipation overpowers my attempts at self-control.  My face grows warm and I feel my heart, my Mistress will be home soon.

She gave me permission to watch an episode or two of the show we are watching but that is the furthest thing from my mind.  I'm anxious.  She will let me taste her and take from me everything that I offer.  I long for her touch.

The door swings open and slams against its stopper.  My body springs to its feet on pure reflex.  The door swings shut with a thud.  I move as quickly as I can, following the sounds of clumsy movement.  I approach the entry and my eyes react.  Mistress's back is to me.  A blonde stands against the wall, held in place by Mistress.  Their legs intertwine, hands groping.  Wet kisses across her face and neck.  Their bodies writhe together.  Moans from hungry lips, they twist and turn in a glorious mess.

The blonde's eyes spot me and go wide open.  She clears her throat.  Mistress's neck arches back but she doesn't look in my direction.  She calls out in a fervor, her words staccato between kisses and gasps.

"slave... wine... bottle... bedroom."

I watch as she takes the blonde by the wrist and pulls her up the stairs.  I feel my heart twinge.  Mistress is enjoying herself; I can't help but wish that it was with me.  I shake the thoughts from my head although disappointment creeps into my heart.  I retreat the the kitchen and fetch the silver tray, glasses, and a bottle of wine.  I polish each glass to a shine and carefully remove the cork from the bottle.  I place them each on the tray and make my way to Mistress's bedroom.

I enter her room quietly.  A mess of clothes lay in heaps on the floor.  The smell of sex, alcohol, and perfume fills the room.  As the bed comes into view I see them.  Mistress wears her red robe over her club outfit is on her knees on the bed.  The blonde lays on her back, the purple guest robe falls open displaying her naked form.  A sea of hands, hair falls back and forth, their eyes locked on each other, their mouths stay open through the moans and barrage of kisses.

I move to the dresser and carefully pour the wine.  I raise the tray and park myself several feet from the bed.  I glue my eyes to a point on the floor.  This is not for me to see.  Mistress knows this and it is part of the torture.  The sound of the bed and friction grow louder.  Gasps for air mix with kisses, moans become cries. I feel my sex strain against the belt.  I swallow hard and grip the tray more tightly.  I feel my face blush... the guilt of my desire to watch. 

The sounds cue me in, I've been present at enough orgasms to know when one occurs.  I know that it wasn't Mistress.  I hear the bed creak and pressure against the tray.  I glance up and see Mistress holding both glasses of wine.  Her face is flushed, her lipstick is a mess, her hair is all over the place... and she looks radiant.  Our eyes meet.  She smirks.  Disappointment washes over my face.  She can't contain her smile as she shakes her head. 

I watch her slide onto the bed with care and pass one glass to the blonde.  My eyes pan to the right to this new woman.  She quickly pulls her robe around her and cinches at the waist. 

"There's no need to be shy, he's very well-trained."
"So is this your slave you were telling me about?"
"Yes, it is dear.  slave, say hello to Barbie."
"I told you to stop calling me Barbie.  It's Bar-bar-a."
"Would you prefer Babs?"  The blonde exhales, sounding defeated.
"Fuck, Barbie is fine."

I lower my eyes and take a step forward.  My voice is small.
"It's nice to meet you, Miss Barbie."

Barbie doesn't respond, she turns to Mistress.
"I thought your slave was going to be another girl."
"I don't think I implied anything of that sort.  Besides, the slave is chaste and I can assure you I have no intention of unlocking him.  If he's involved in any type of sex I can assure you it will be a strap-on up his ass."

I squeeze the tray's handles tight as my body stiffens.  I feel a pit form in my chest.  Mistress pauses long enough to watch my expression change.

"I'm certain that he's absolutely terrified of you, Barbie.  If you want I can tell you about what my last sub did to him."

I take a cautious step back.  Barbie giggles. 
"Is this your first time seeing a sissy up close?"
"That outfit is terrible."
"What if I had a duplicate made for you?"
"Uh-uh, no way.  Fuck that." 

They enjoy a laugh together.  I wish I was invisible.

"So does he do anything you tell him to?"
"Of course.  He'll also do anything that YOU tell him to."
"Hah.  I don't believe you."
"Give it a try."
"slave, stand on one leg."

I lift my left leg and cautiously balance on my right.  I teeter back and forth, trying my best to keep the tray from tipping.  Mistress steps in.

"put your leg down, slave.  I don't want you spilling wine on the carpet." 
"Can I touch him?"
"Can he touch me?"
"Only if you want him to.  We can lock his hands behind his back if you would prefer."
"Of course." 

Mistress chugs her wine.  I approach her and she places the empty glass on the tray.  Barbie does the same. 

"slave, put the tray on the dresser and bring a lock."
"Yes, Mistress."

I do as I'm instructed, returning to her with a medium sized padlock.  I place the lock in her hands and turn away, placing my hands behind my back.  I feel tension on the bondage rings, pulling my wrists even tighter and a click.  She swats my rear.  I respond with a light grunt.

A hand on my shoulder turns me.  Barbie faces me.  She appears to be slightly younger than Mistress, she is attractive with prominent cheekbones and plenty of curves.  I feel her hand press against the front plate of my belt.  A smirk forms across her lips. 

"So I can tease him and he won't be able to get hard or cum?"
"Have at it, he just loves to be driven insane with desire and sexual frustration and he never gets to cum, isn't that right, slave?"

I nod.  The presence of this stranger brings a shame I haven't felt in a while.  Barbie glides her hands over my uniform, feeling out every contour and bondage ring she can find.  Her fingers glide through the fur collar.  Small moans and quiet laughs flow from her mouth as she exhales.  Her finger twists my nipple.  My body stiffens and my mouth falls open. 

She grabs the ring on my collar and plunges her tongue into my mouth with a long, wet kiss.  I feel my chest heave as my pulse rises.  My penis attempts an erection that is quickly blocked.  Barbie's lips leave mine.  Our eyes meet and a wicked grin parts her lips showing her white teeth as her tongue piercing clacks against them.

Barbie presses herself against me.  I can feel her breasts against my torso and the heat of her breath on my cheek. 
"I'll bet you'd just love to be a part of this, wouldn't you?" she whispers to me in a breathy tone.

I swallow, unable to respond.  Her eyes pierce me, seduce me, I feel myself slipping away with lust. My eyes do not hide my feelings.  She extends her tongue and licks my cheek.  I hear Mistress emit a low moan from the bed. 

Barbie's face quivers.  Her eyes close.  She bends at the waist and a violent laugh erupts from within.  My face burns red with embarrassment.  I am truly stupid when confronted by a woman.  She regains her composure enough to turn toward Mistress.

"I think I'd rather just be with you, Cass."
"That's fine, doll, I can send him to bed.  Do you want him in the cage in the basement or in here?"
"Up here is good, he might be useful later.  But I don't want him to watch.  The thought of him hearing us when he wants to take part so badly... is kind of hot."

Mistress lets out a hearty laugh before shuffling forward on the bed.  She strolls gracefully to the dresser and retrieves my blindfold and gag.  Mistress stands before me. 

"Make sure you thank Barbie for giving you such special attention, slave."
I turn and bow my head to her.
"Thank you Miss Barbie for teasing me."

As I rise Mistress grabs the ring on my collar and pulls me close.  She presses her mouth over mine and plunges her tongue deep into my mouth.  Her perfume fills my nose and I moan as my sex strains against the metal tube.  After several seconds she bites my lip and abruptly pulls away.  The gag and blindfold follow, securely locked into place.  Her voice whispers to me.
"I will have to punish you for getting turned on so easily by another woman."  The hairs on my neck stand up in response to her words.

She guides me in the direction of the cage.  As she stops I drop to my knees, lower my head and shuffle forward.  I feel her foot on my rear and she gives me a shove.  I sprawl forward, my face pressing against the bars.  I hear the gate close and the lock click. 

I slump to my side in an attempt to get comfortable.  The sounds of sex soon drown out my breathing. The flesh on flesh... moans and gasps... the friction of hands... the torture is glorious.  My heart warms with thoughts of Mistress.  She knows this was my fantasy.  She did this for me.  I love her.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  My Mistress. 



  1. Well done, fur. I certainly wouldn't mind reading more about how this Barbie relationship progresses. I trust that you won't leave us up in the air?

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      I had intended this to be a one-off, but I will keep it twisting in my mind. I do not want to disappoint my readers :)

      I was worried that another lesbian section might seem tiresome but I will see what I can come up with. I do want to bring Theresa, Lisa, and the gang back into the picture. I am starting to miss them as well.

  2. *blush*

    Yep, that's all I got.

    1. Thank you, Misty :)

      That is enough of a response to know that I got something right.

  3. I love barbie being Mistresses new sex toy. It is hot. As always, I abolutely love your bonus chapters!!!

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily.

      With two requests I guess I just can't ignore it. I will have to write more with her. I kind of regret allowing someone else to choose the name now.

    2. Well, if Barbie were to get REALLY upset at being called a name that brings unpleasant ties to a certain child's doll, then perhaps "Barbara" would be acceptable to Cass. Maybe even "Babs". Just a thought, fur.

    3. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      I am in the midst of writing a follow-up chapter. Cassandra enjoys her teasing. Based upon my experiences, the more someone hates a nickname the more likely it is to stick :)

      The Barbara/Barbie/Barb/Babs dynamic will come into play (I am about half done with it)

  4. Great start to this Arc, furcissy! My favorite line in this segment, "I will have to punish you for getting turned on so easily by another woman"...HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

    1. Thank you, Nora. This originally was meant to be a sex chapter but it ended up feeling strong enough to carry it into the next arc. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

      Take care.