Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fur Fetish 2016

For my long time readers and the newer readers that have taken the time to read my Reflections posts, it is probably apparent as to just how pivotal my love of women in fur has been in my development as a submissive.  While M appears to have kick-started everything and planted the "true seed" of submission in my pre-teen years, NTCweb was the next step and my first exposure to Femdom.

If not for this route, K would not have had something to twist and turn me into a sissy.  I probably would not have become accustomed to my limits being broken in such a harsh way and I doubt I would have spiraled into the depths of subspace I have currently come to appreciate and enjoy.

The progression of the Fur Fetish community has been an interesting one.  NTCweb was the original behemoth.  It was the first site out there that really catered toward things from a fetish aspects of it and the bulk of the content kept things hand in hand with Femdom.  There were a handful of other smaller sites around, many of which got by on fetish fiction.  It had booming message boards and it was there that my imagination first began to spin out of control.  "On Parade in Fur" was the first.  If anyone read there and remembers the old KDK posts (probably fiction) about a sorority, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  The original owner of NTC sold the site and the content grew fairly stale and it eventually ceased to exist as we know it (after a couple of iterations of the message boards as well). 

There were a few sites that attempted to take its place but most ran into "adult" hosting issues and straddled the balance of fashion images and porn.  The original Fur Fashion Guide was really the next behemoth.  It was the Fetlife of fur fetish sites... in both good and bad ways.  It seemed like nearly the entire fetish community ended up there.  There was a regular stream of content and discussion and an active chat room.  They had to monitor it like a police state.  Any non-fur discussion (outside of the off topic sections) got mod warnings.  Women got regularly harassed and were frequently the center of attention.  It was an odd feeling at times, being shunned from making any type of personal interaction beyond the fetish content.  On some levels it was like "Oh, you like fur?  I like fur too," was supposed to be enough to go on.  I don't even think that question has to be asked... I already assume the answer to be yes or they wouldn't be there.  I tended to stay in the background during those days. 

At some point the site abruptly closed.  Based upon the hurt feelings in its aftermath, I have to believe that someone ended up making off with a lot of donated money and advertising revenue.  I could be wrong here, but that is the vibe I have been left with.

Since then there hasn't been another behemoth to take its place.  Tumblr, Pintrest and the like seem to have become the stream of fresh content and the smaller sites have been unable to get a solid foothold to become anything larger than a fringe community.  The communities may be small but they are welcoming and the people who stick around are good folk. 

My current hang out of choice in these communities is (I post as fcsy):

Fur fetish communities are very tolerant in some ways.  You will find a huge mix of people and nationalities, men and women, gay, straight, bi, TG/TV/CD, and the like and everyone is accepting of all due to their shared love.  There is also an astonishingly high percentage of submissive men in these communities, although most keep these interests private.  It is a bit strange to me at selective fetishism display but then again, I do the same thing.  On this blog I downplay my fur fetish quite a bit.  On those communities I downplay my interest in Femdom a bit as well.

I think one of the more difficult things with navigating fetish communities is that men tend to lose their minds.  This is as big of a problem on fur fetish sites as it is someplace like Fetlife.  I get surprised at the number of people who approach me in an inappropriate way or ask me inappropriate questions.  That being said, it is better than feeling ignored or being rejected so I take the bad with the good.  I have cross posted my fs01 story at TFD and gotten more views there than I do here.  Unfortunately I receive very little constructive feedback, but I appreciate it is being read at all  ("I like this" is supportive, but it is hard for me to draw on it for improving my writing). 

Another funny observation is that my interest in fur is very different from the majority of the community's.  This happens in both what I like visually and how it was introduced into my own use (punishment, humiliation over tactile pleasure, etc.).  The upside is that it doesn't really matter, people seem to accept it regardless.

Besides, I can't see a picture like this and just think "Damn, that is sexy."


  1. Thank you for posting this. It was very interesting to me; I didn't know of NTCweb; I'm sorry I missed it...not as "hook" for me, just out of curiosity, I would very much have liked to have seen it.

    I also enjoyed seeing Thefurden, I believe I have stumbled over it before, but without the context you provided. I think I have a more-or-less normal reaction to fur. It seems weird for me to be posting anything "normal" about myself here. {grin}

    I certainly see the sensual sexuality of fur and Wanda definitely made a life-long imprint, though not the first. For me, with Wanda it is about ultimately about her cruelty, more than the fur; not that they can be entirely separated the way von Sacher Masoch intertwined the two.

    So I think I see fur the way most people do? (Entirely different, but endlessly fascinating topic about how similar/different are people's perceptions of the same object.) For me fur is glamorous, sexy, exciting fun. But not a unique button. Just as well, since I have more then enough "buttons" as it is. ;)

    1. Thank you, Watson. NTC actually stood for Nails, Talons, Claws. It covered quite a few specialized fetishes but ultimately revolved around Femdom.

      Fur for me is similar to a perfect set of breasts, a nice ass, or some long shapely legs. It only does it in the context of a woman but aesthetically it probably supercedes any of those things. I guess I just have a thing for certain clothing types, but none of them can ever beat a woman's eyes.

      It is funny that fur is what led me to Wanda and not vice versa.