Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Good Things About Being a Dominant Woman

I've always wondered why there aren't more Dommes out there.  You come across many women and girls that want to have their way and are willing to get angry with others if things happen differently but the ratio of these women to women who would classify themselves as Dominant is so small.  I know there's lots of taboo connotations that go along with being a Dominant (many of which are misplaced), but it still doesn't quite bridge the drastic gap in the numbers.

Many of the women (often submissives or switches) have always cited they wouldn't want to be a Domme because their impression of things are that they always have to be "doing something to their sub."  Realistically, in a lifestyle setting, this is fairly impossible/improbable and they often overlook the flip-side, which is, their sub(s) doing stuff for them.  It seems it's a bit of a misconception that a Domme is expected to walk in the door after work and start breaking out the whips and chains when it is still "being dominant" to walk in the door expecting their sub to have dinner ready and everything in the home is exactly how she wants it to be.

The approximately 3000:1 ratio of hetero/bi submissive males seeking hetero/bi Dominant females on most adult networking sites says to me that a Domme could quite easily live in a large house without having to work while a stable of male subs pay her rent and take care of all of the household chores, lawn care, meal preparation, errands/shopping, as well as attending to her personal needs/desires.  She could, quite easily, have half a dozen male subs sleeping in a 10' x 12' room on bunk beds working non-overlapping schedules to ensure that at least 2 of them were "on duty" to serve her or perform chores and live a rather luxurious life doing so in exchange for some kinky attention (towards the ones who earned it) once a week or so.  Why not? 

In my last post I tried to come up with the positives and negatives of being a submissive male.  Here I will try to cover the positives and negatives of being a Dominant Woman.  With this I will focus more upon lifestyle/relationships than having play partners or being a pro dominatrix.

By entering into the Dominant role, a woman accepts the following negatives:
She may have to perform certain activities she doesn't enjoy in order to keep her subs happy/content.
She will have to enforce rules and punishments for misbehaving subs.
She will have to locate quality submissive(s) (I've been told this can be a hard thing to do).

The Dominant role may grant a woman the following positives:
She can be the focal point of attention at all times.
She can avoid having to perform mundane and tedious tasks.
She can have any type of service or body worship performed at any time.
She can vent her aggressions on others without repercussions.
She can make demands that would be unrealistic in a vanilla relationship and expect them to be met.
She can partake in any type of sexual or kinky act without guilt and always have a willing participant.
She can make and change the rules as she sees fit.
She can exert as much control over or grant as much freedom for her sub as she sees fit.
She can always have company (or be alone) for any activity she might wish to partake in.

The list could go on much longer. 

From the look of things, the negatives of a woman being a Dominant range from somewhere into the realm of having an ordinary vanilla relationship and having a child/children.  The positives, on the other hand, are quite overwhelming.

I'm still curious as to why there aren't more Dommes.

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