Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 10 Most Sissy Accessories

As I had written about my list-making assignments in the past, here is one example of a list that I had to make.  This one got her approval and eventually became integrated into my at home attire.

While coming up with sissy accessories might seem easy, please keep in mind that an item like a purse and most jewelry would be considered a given and unacceptable on the list. 

Top 10 Most Sissy Accessories (in any order)
1. Leg Warmers
2. Fur Ear Muffs
3. Tiny Back Pack
4. Arm Warmers
5. Chokers
6. Boas (Feather/Lamb/Fur)
7. Hair Adornments (clips, scrunchies, hairbands, etc.)
8. Fur Hand Muff
9. Bonnets
10. Charm Bracelets

If anyone has items they think would have made the list and still met my ex's criteria, please feel free to share.

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