Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sometimes I don't understand myself...

I really dislike being in chastity for an extended period of time.  I really do.  I find it unpleasant and after a while I find myself having some rather odd mood swings and feeling high strung for no apparent reason. 

That being said, in my various relationships I've managed to accumulate five chastity devices over the years.   For some unknown reason I've been choosing to wear them again over the past few months even though it hasn't been required of me.  Over this same period I've found myself fantasizing and dreaming about being a full-time chastity sissy, which I know isn't something I really want, but recently it's been very arousing.  I still think it's pretty silly and ironic to get aroused at the thought of chastity.

I'm not sure though, maybe it's that when I wear them now, I know it will be removed?  In the past few months I haven't worn one for longer than a day, but I still find it odd that I'm wearing it by choice.  I think it's that I really enjoy those early stages of frustration, when your body is still battling against its restraints, fighting its hardest to get it up even though it's not going to happen.  I guess there's just no replacement for that. 

I can say that I never miss having to watch the keys getting locked up in the safe.  Over the past few months I've often pondered just what I would do if the perfect situation were dangled in front of me, the only catch being that I would be locked in chastity for VERY long periods of time if I would be willing to go along with it or not.  I guess the fact that I'm debating it even though I know that I hate it says it's still within the realm of possibilities.

Sometimes I just don't understand myself.

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