Monday, May 29, 2017

Fiction: fs01 - Cassandra's Blog Bonus Chapter: Women

Author’s Note: This bonus chapter is a mock Question and Answer session done by Cassandra on her blog. It could take place at any time after Arc 1.


Cassandra’s Blog Bonus Chapter Q & A: Women

Dear Ms. C.

If your husband is a male submissive, why do you have so many romantic relationships with women? Do you have some sort of cuckold fantasy? Why not with men?

-Exploring Life

Oh, these are some very difficult questions to answer, Exploring Life, and while I have thought about them before, I was never able to get any clear answers.

Why I don’t have relationships with other men is easy. My submissive is the only man I will ever want. I love him and he is my perfect match. No other man could ever mean what he means to me.

As for women, I find them beautiful and attractive. In many ways I relate better to women and I tend to expect more of them as people and they challenge me. It’s not that I’m a female supremacist or anything, I just have found that men are a puzzle that is easy to solve, while women tend to be more well-rounded and complicated. I would be plenty happy if I spent the rest of my life with only my husband.

A few years ago I did an experiment where I started to slowly bring to life some fantasies that my sub had written for me during the first few months of our relationship. One of those fantasies was to have me take on a woman lover that would diminish his role in the relationship. I will be the first to admit that I made a mistake with K, but since then, my sub definitely seems to respond positively when there is another woman involved as long as I make sure to give him adequate attention. You should see how eager he is to be used by the both of us.

As for how this pertains to the future, I will be honest when I say that I honestly don’t know. There are times when I regret having diminished my sub’s personality to such an extent that I crave a more active companion that I can see as an equal. There are other times when I am absolutely certain that other women are just for fun and that my heart is with my sub. Only time will tell.



  1. Even if it's a non-romantic relationship, having another like minded dominant (or even semi-dominant) woman involved is a huge turn-on for a sub male. Just another aspect of sub males that make them so endearing:)

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      I'm sure that Karl is well-versed in these experiences :)
      I am also glad that you enjoy them as well.

      Take care.

  2. You should take questions from your readers for her. Inquiring minds, and all!

    1. Thank you, Lyall.

      I mentioned that in the Taste of fiction post. If anyone would want her take on things, I would gladly write it out.