Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fiction: fs01 - Cassandra's Blog Bonus Chapter: Privacy

Author’s Note: This bonus chapter is a mock Question and Answer session done by Cassandra on her blog. It could take place at any time.


Cassandra’s Blog Bonus Chapter - Q & A: Privacy

Dear Ms. C.

I wish that I could show my pet off to everyone but we keep our relationship completely private to the outside world due to privacy concerns. How were you overcome the privacy obstacle and make your relationship known to your friends as well as bringing your sub out in public?

-Always Learning

Thank you, A.L., that is a very good question.

When it comes to “outing” yourself it really depends heavily upon how strong of a relationship you have with your nearest and dearest friends. You must trust them absolutely for this to feel safe. It’s often easier to simply make some kinky friends where they have a natural understanding of discretion. I consider myself a fairly good judge of character and I generally keep myself quite guarded around those who I don’t trust. The people in my life that are aware of our lifestyle I have known for years and in many cases they are just as kinky as we are.

Bringing my sub out in public isn’t that big of a deal when our destination is someplace kinky. In those environments people generally understand that they are just as susceptible to being outed as you are. For example, if someone announces that they saw you with your sub at the Kitty Kat Club on fetish night, it means they too were at the same club on fetish night.

In all honesty, in today’s age of social media it is probably better to be safe than sorry. If you have any doubts, it is very reasonable to err on the side of caution. I will say that over the years I find myself less and less concerned about people finding out that I am a dominant woman. I wear the pants. I keep my submissive husband’s balls in my purse. I don’t lift a finger around the house and he waits on me like a Queen. If others found out about that I have a feeling some of them would be quite jealous and in most cases, my sub would be more distraught than I would be and that makes things a little bit fun.


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