Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fiction: fs01 - Cassandra's Blog Bonus Chapter: Locks

Author’s Note: This bonus chapter is a mock Question and Answer session done by Cassandra on her blog. It could take place at any time after Arc 1.


Cassandra’s Blog Bonus Chapter - Q & A: Locks

Dear Ms. C.

Would you be willing to shed light on something for me? Do you have a fascination with locks and restraints? Your sub is obedient yet you lock him into his uniform. You chain his hands before putting him in a cage. I guess I just don’t understand why you do these things as they seem a bit excessive, unnecessary, and needlessly complicated.

-Casual Domina

I do have a fascination with locks and restraints, CD, and I do not mind sharing the reasons with you. I like them mostly because of how they affect my sub on a psychological level. When he finds something unpleasant, any hint of freedom or power leaves the door open for mental resistance. These situations make certain parts of his obedience “optional,” as compliance becomes his choice. Locks help to erase any resistance and push him to a state of total surrender. That is the way that I like him best.

Early on I would occasionally get frustrated with rigging up complicated restraints, but practice makes perfect. When you weigh in the amount of effort it takes me to lock him up versus the effects it has on his submission, I always consider it worthwhile. Twenty seconds on my part to ensure that he struggles in discomfort for hours? Sign me up.

To be completely honest, I would still lock him up even if he achieved total surrender on his own. The look on his face when I put the locks on his uniform and let him know that one of my employees will be delivering something to the house while he is home is absolutely delicious.



  1. Hard to explain exactly why (though Cass does very well here) but there is something so damned sexy about shackles, chains and - for me - rope restraints. There is a certain aesthetic element involved here, as the mere sight of a male sub encased in a relatively escape proof binding has an almost artistic beauty for Femdoms, myself and many of my friends included. What's more, the process of initiating and achieving that end, the clicking of the locks, the tightening of the ropes, the clanging of the chains as one's victim moves around....well, the whole process is so delightful both in the doing and the watching and the struggle, that I get a bit weak in the knees - and extremely turned 0n - by the whole milieu. No doubt, dear Cass would agree.

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. I do love your description here. I've been in relationships where restraints were treated as some needless complication and also in relationships where it was seen as symbolic of control. I always enjoy hearing about the deeper appeal of restraints. I am glad that people feel the way that you do. I'm certain Cass would agree with you :)

      Take care.