Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Long Overdue Cleanup

I just went through my blog reading list and purged all of the blogs that were gone (or gone and replaced by porn) as well as blogs that went private and didn't provide me any access to them.  I have to wonder if many of those were people who received the Google Censorship email and merely logged in and flipped it to private from there on out.  I left the majority of blogs that I had followed, even if they have been inactive for years as there is still some useful reading material buried around, and my follow list is now sorted by most recent updates (and yes, I'm a douche and followed my own blog).

I also found out that anonymous followers are no longer counting towards the follower count.  I know they had purged followers from non-google accounts but this was something I just realized as well.  I guess that's where 50% of my followers went :D

I also adjusted the width and layout slightly.  If you hate it or find the new width makes it difficult to read on your computer screen please let me know how you would like to see it improved and I can change it.

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