Saturday, May 14, 2016

Reflections part 4d: Losing my Virginity

At this time I was still a virgin.  I had pretty much done anything imaginable with the exception of traditional intercourse.  After passing on dozens of potential one-night-stands throughout my youth and standing by the "waiting for marriage" thing it just hadn't happened yet.  The December trip I was supposed to have with K was meant to be our time to elope and then have sex but that didn't pan out.  My virginity was still a source of mild insecurity.  It seems it was now an unattractive quality in most cases.  After thinking about it for a bit I had come to remember that the reason I wanted to wait was so that I wasn't like the assholes I knew in high school and college who were chasing for tail non-stop, even if it meant getting someone drunk or high and taking advantage of them.  I wanted to be nothing like them, so I gave myself that principle to stand by.

It wasn't that I didn't want to have sex.  I just wanted it to be special, meaningful, and with a person I loved with all my heart.  Between K and F I decided to change that principle from "waiting for marriage" to "when it is special, meaningful, and with a person I love."

That year my birthday approached and it happened to fall on our regular meet up day.  My birthday generally falls on or near a holiday weekend and as my friends got older and married, I found myself pretty much alone most years as everyone else was out of town with their families.  This year ended up being rather special.  I took the day off work.  It had been about 5 months since that day in the park.

F arrived and we completed our normal rituals of foot kissing and collaring.  I also helped her into a pair of leather fingerless gloves with fur trim and a black fur headband. She had brought me a birthday card.  I had prepped everything beforehand and F chose what she wanted to use.  By now she knew all of what I had as well as where everything was located if she wanted something else.  she started off by chaining my ankles together, securing my hands behind my back, buckled on my gag, and had me prostrate myself in front of her with my forehead pressed to the floor.  She sat back and looked at me before she leaned back and placed her foot on the back of my head.
"Oh my little slave, what do we do with you," she said as she rhythmically pressed down with her foot.  "I think you need some birthday spankings.  Get up."

Attempting to stand from a kneeling position without the use of your hands and a 6 inch chain connecting your ankles isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.  I got onto one foot and attempted to shift to the other but the chain stopped me and I toppled to the floor.  F let out a small laugh.  I tried again with the same result.
"I told you to stand up, slave."

This time I tried something new.  From my knees I attempted to hop up to my feet.  I landed with my feet too far apart and crashed face first onto the floor.  F looked a little concerned for my well being but I just kept on trying.  I rolled around attempting to get back onto my knees.  When I finally did, I tried hopping up again and managed to get my feet together this time and stick the landing.
"Come here."
With tiny steps I shuffled towards her.  Her fingers stroked my penis until it was fully erect and she attached a leash to my collar.  She made a motion and positioned herself and I sprawled across her lap.  Her hand yanked my genitals downward and she pressed them tightly between her thighs.  She gave a tug on the leash pulling my head towards the floor and she held the end of the leash down with her foot.  With paddle now in hand, she spoke to me.
"It's your birthday but you deserve this.  You need this.  You love to suffer for me."
I felt the paddle slam against my left butt cheek.  Then the right check.  The left again but in a different spot followed by the right in a different spot.  I felt her hand caress me.  She zeroed in on the right cheek.  Smack, smack, smack.... Smack.  I could feel the swelling begin.  Smack, smack... Smack smack smack.  I let out a whimper from behind the gag.  She switched to the left.  Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack... Smack, followed by a caress.  Both sides were swollen now.

Two quick ones to the right.  Two quick ones to the left.  I felt her fingers touch the left and press on a specific spot.  She lifted them and brought down the paddle, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.  I was starting to struggle a bit as the pain began to throb.  I felt her draw a small circle with the paddle before smack smack smack.... Smack, smack.  Tears filled my eyes and my whimpers turned into light sobs.  Her fingers pressed a spot on the right and smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.  The paddle traced another circle and smack smack, smack.  Tears were flowing and I was wailing.  My body flailed.  She grabbed the chain between my wrists and pulled my hands farther up my back.
"Stop struggling, slave," she scowled.

By now my entire buttocks was throbbing and I thought my penis was going to be scorched by the heat from her crotch.  I was able to stop moving and just separate from the painful strokes that continued to rain down.  The bruises would take a couple of weeks to heal.

When F finished she undid my leash, gag, and wrist chain and instructed me to kneel.  I kissed her feet, prostrated myself with forehead to the floor and thanked her for watching over me.  I raised my head and she lifted my chin and gave me a deep kiss.  She handed me the keys to unlock the chain between my ankles.

"Put on your hat, earmuffs, and blindfold."  These had to go on in a particular order to make this work and I was familiar with it.  I kept the blindfold lowered so I could still see until I knew the time was right.  F led me over to the bed and I climbed on, lining up my wrist and ankle cuffs with the chains before pulling the blindfold up and waiting.  F locked the restraints in place and walked out of the room.

A short while later she climbed onto the bed and straddled me. I felt a condom slide onto my penis; this wasn't out of the ordinary, to prevent potential messes.  F adjusted herself and then slid down onto my cock.  My penis was enveloped in heat as she slowly moved herself up and down.  I let out a soft moan and F kissed me on the mouth.  I had readied myself for this moment for years.  Finally a chance to turn my philosophies into actions.  I focused all of my attention on F's body.  From what I perceived, the angles weren't right to hit the G-spot.  I tilted my hips forward under her, attempting to steer my penis more towards the front wall of her vagina.  When she came down this time I felt a muscle twitch.  F took a deeper breath and she let out a light moan.  I locked my hips into that position.

F's vaginal muscles began to grip harder.  She increased the pace of her motions and shifted her hands to my chest. As she slid down I raised my hips to meet her.  The penetration went deeper and she made a sound while pressing harder on my chest.  I was on the right track.  Up and down she went, I improved my timing with each motion until our bodies met with a thumping sound on contact.  The pace of her breathing increased.  I could feel the grip of her muscles clasping the head of my cock as she moved. She started to move faster, up and down with almost a bounce to it, each breath she took was deeper and deeper and her sounds began to increase in frequency and volume.  I could hear her exhale through her nose as she slowed for a forceful and deliberate plunge forcing me deeper inside her, again, again.  I felt the muscles of her sex quiver and twitch around me.  She let out a deep moan and I felt her juices flow out onto my crotch and torso.  Her pace slowed to a crawl but she kept moving in light bobs up and down.

I tried to match her force, guessing things were a bit tender down there at the moment and needed to be worked up slowly again.  I continued to raise and lower my hips, matching her motions so that we would meet for maximum penetration.  I made some slow gyrations but focused my aim on her G-spot each time our crotches met.  It didn't take long for her to increase the speed and range of her motions and I adjusted mine with her.  We repeated a similar cycle.  My hips tilted, rising and falling, opposite of her motions, meeting together, pressing deep.  I was reaching the point where I could tell exactly where her body wanted my cock's touch and I tried to meet that spot with every motion.

I felt her clamp down again and I thought her vaginal muscles were going to tear my penis off.  She slowed and again moved in a longer, more forceful manner.  This time when we met I curled my hips up a little more, trying to provide more pressure to the front wall deep inside her.  She let out a moan.  This time, I moved in unison with her, holding the tip of my dick to that spot.  On our down motion, an "oohhh" left her lips as my rear met the bed, pushing me even deeper as gravity helped her onto me.  I heard her next breath and one more motion.  As we met the bed my penis plunged the deepest it had gone, my hips leading it onto the G-spot.  I felt her vaginal muscles spasm and her thighs quivering against mine.  She moaned loudly.  I was soaked again.

Someone may read this and think I'm full of shit that those were the things on my mind as we had sex, but it is the complete truth.  My approach to sex was very clinical.  I had done research and reading upon the women's pleasure zones.  I was fully trained at holding back from cumming during very extended periods of intense stimulation.  I had plenty of practice locating things with my fingers and "data" to support those findings.  Lastly, I viewed sex as the means to grant a Domme intimacy and ultimate sexual pleasure... it was a privilege and I should respect that.  My goal was to make her cum as hard and as frequent as possible.

I also had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about being able to perform for real.  I didn't mention it earlier, but one of the things that the collarme Domme cited as another reason I wasn't a good match is that since I was a virgin, she was sure I wouldn't be able to meet her sexual needs since she had a heavy sexual appetite.  Another time, at a BDSM gathering a few of us were talking and somehow my virginity got brought up and a couple of local Dommes that had overheard started talking loudly nearby about how pathetic virgin boys were and it wasn't worth training them because they knew "better ways to spend 10 seconds." I had my insecurities but wanted to do everything I could to prove people wrong.

After F's second orgasm I tried something new.  I moved gently at the start and was firm at the G-spot.  The first time I felt her muscles quiver.  The second time I felt a spasm.  The third they grabbed on and F began to speed up again.  I was a bit more aggressive this time.  I raised my hips and met her at the top of her motion and held them in place.  Her down motion pressed against my stationary hips pushing my penis deep onto her G-spot. I thrust my hips higher, our crotches pressed together lifting her a few inches.  She moaned as the penetration went even deeper.  I stopped my motion, almost like I was "flinging" her upwards an extra inch, lowered and raised my hips and met her again as she came down.  Her muscles gripped even tighter and she gasped.  From there we moved in unison until my backside reached the bed and she slid onto me with tremendous force, "impaling" her G-spot with my cock.  F let out a primal sound.  Her vaginal muscles wanted to rip me apart and her insides felt like they were burning me. 

I repeated this sequence of motions about 6 more times and the last time we reached the bottom she let out a loud moan, grabbed my chest and her juices flowed as I felt the muscles spasm around me.  F slowed down her motions to recover.  I tried something new.  Following her recovery pacing but this time when I reached her G-spot, I used a firm abrupt motion and attempted to gently "bounce her" on her G with varying levels of pressure ranging from firm to hard and deep.  After 3 of these she came again.  The spasm was lighter, more of a quiver, but pronounced enough to feel along with the gush of her fluids.

I called this a "mini-gasm" since it was basically a small orgasm that happened within about 10 seconds of her previous large orgasm.  In hindsight, calling it an "aftershock" probably would have been funnier. I repeated the same process during this recovery and it only took two cycles, then two more before she leaned back on my hips and forced me to stop.  Later research found this to be referred to somewhere as a "chain orgasm," where a woman was capable of producing multiple orgasms in rapid sequence without any noticeable downtime.

F continued to move slowly until her breathing patterns returned to normal and we resumed a faster pace.  This time I went right back into the "impaling" technique and her hands gripped my sides and I could feel the intent of her crotch meeting mine.  Each time she plunged deep onto me when we reached the bed she let out a moan.  It took 6 of them and she let out another full orgasm, ejaculated on my torso, and she slowed to her recovery pace.  I tried something different this time, pressing our crotches together I moved with her and at the top of her motion, I tilted my hips towards me even more and pressed against her vagina's front wall.  The angle of my lower body made it so I was almost "hooking" her with my cock, alternating between pressing deeper and then pulling against her G.  This time around F's pace stayed the same but her motions met mine, increasing her force onto me during the upswing. The third motion and I felt her vaginal muscles release and quiver.  She slowed on the down motion and when we returned to the top she applied pressure again.  F let out a moan and another quiver, she stayed at the top this time and I bridged my hips to match her.  She relaxed lightly and then moved downward forcing me deeper and she moaned and spasm'd again.  A light pause, and then again, she let out a whimper and I felt her muscles shake wildly around me.

F then leaned back on my hips again, pressing them back to the bed.  She slowly gyrated on me and leaned forward and gave me a kiss.  We would resume to finish one more full orgasm and half a dozen mini-gasms before F slid off my penis and straddled my torso.  She removed my blindfold and braced her hands over my shoulders, staring down at me.  She was dripping with sweat, beaming, and had a wicked grin on her face. Her eyes pierced mine.  I felt like a piece of meat.
"I love you, slave," she said before plunging her tongue into my mouth.

She lay next to me on the bed for a few minutes.  We didn't speak, just just pressed up against me and traced motions on my chest with her fingers.  F then unlocked my restraints.  I tried to move and wow, the pain.  A quick glance at the clock revealed 2 hours had passed.  My shoulders felt like they had been ripped out of their sockets.  My back burned and spiked pain with every movement.  I could barely move my legs, my gluts and hamstrings were knotted up like iron and badly strained.  She asked what was wrong.  I replied, "I hurt all over."

After recovering enough to stand up, F led me to the bathroom where we completed my masturbate into the toilet routine.  She whispered that cumming was my reward for making her proud of me.  If I said it was a great orgasm I would be lying.  My body was throbbing in pain and my pipes were so backed up by now that it was more of a relief than a pleasure.  After I finished, F hugged me in silence for several minutes. 

In the aftermath, this is what started my obsession with chain orgasms and I wanted to master this technique.

To be continued.