Monday, May 9, 2016

Femininity and Feminization

*NOTE: I wrote this a while ago and wasn't going to post it but I decided to post it anyways.*

Over the years it has become apparent to me just how different the fetishes are among those that would classify themselves as "sissies."  The roots that drive this lifestyle are so diverse that it can easily lead to a sense of isolation, e.g. I am the only one out there that is wired this way.

While writing this I do not mean to reject differing views on this subject, these are simply my own personal views, and where my type of "sissy" comes from.

I applaud femininity and I adore womanhood.  I believe that women are the greatest treasure in this world.  I love that women are beatiful. I love that women are sensual.  I love their emotional connection to their sexuality.  I love their strength and the depth of their instincts.

I am not a woman.  I do not deserve to be cherished as one, nor will altering my appearance make me so.  I exist to be the one that serves her.  I am here to elevate her to the pedestal she deserves and make her dreams and fantasies a reality.  If I aspired to be a woman I would have forgotten my place in the natural order of my world.  To be blunt, if I attempted to become passable as a woman, it would feel like an insult to women.

If this is how I see things, why do I find feminization humiliating?

Femininity is a rather vague concept in itself.  There are characteristics that are naturally feminine, that is, they exist in all women, and there are chatacteristics that are culturally feminine, which are society's projections for their idealized woman.  While women currently weild more power and independence now than at most times in recorded history, there are still notions of cultural feminity that extend back over the past thousand years that didn't really begin to recede until a handful of landmark events occurred in the 20th century that have slowly eroded archaeic stereotypes.

The modern woman chooses to lead or follow.  The culturally feminine woman would only follow and submit.  I believe this is the great dividing line.  Thus, humiling feminization is the process of imparting cultural femininity onto a male.  Fetish fantasies of feminization usually highlight this cultural femininity:
Pink is just a color.  Pink being feminine is a cultural projection.
Panties are just an undergarment and not that different from briefs.
Dresses became a standard to promote clothing for easy access procreation and became considered feminine.

With this in mind, the humiliation of forced feminization hits on several levels:
-It strips away cultural masculinity causing a loss of self-identity.
-It reinforces the culturally feminine characteristics of docile, gentile, and submissive behavior.
-It creates a sense of shame by pushing you outside the norm of "socially accepted behavior."
-It opens up ridicule by making you "obviously different" on a superficial physical level.
-It inspires awkwardness through being "like a woman" while remaining undeserving of being a woman.
-It reinforces the power structure of the relationship: I would not have chosen to be this way.
-I have been sexually conditioned to respond to this.

I guess an easy way to summarize things is that my forced feminization fetish thrives on contrast:  the mixing of what I am and what I'm not.  Injecting doses of cultural femininity and withholding natural femininity, all while maintaining some natural masculinity (flat chest, penis, etc.).

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