Sunday, March 26, 2017

MacGyvering blog posts and comments

I can always tell if my head is fully clear or not when writing blog posts and blog comments based upon whether or not I am able to include every point I would like to make.

Unfortunately when my head is feeling cloudy or my emotions are feeling blocked I have a tendency to MacGyver it. 

If you aren't familiar with MacGyver, it was an 80's TV show where the main character was some kind of bodyguardish type guy who was an ex-military ops force that could kill people all super ninja-stealth with strands of his own hair.  In the show he would inevitably be faced with some obstacle that would require his elite problem solving skills and he would take a bottle of bleach, a roll of duct tape, a swiss army knife, a tin can, four granola bars, and an old boot and turn them into tje TNT that was needed to blow up the boulder that had inexplicably trapped them in some cave and left for death.

If you took a science or chemistry class between say, 1987 and 1996, you probably had some nerdy teacher go on a 10+ minute guy crush on MacGyver, since as they would explain to us in detail, the show was always 95% accurate in their creations, always leaving out just one critical ingredient that would do it for real, thus saving the network millions of dollars in potential lawsuits when little Billy blew off his hands imitating MacGyver. 

If you are familiar with using MacGyver as a verb in the real world, it usually references making thorough and creative use of what is at your disposal to do an effective job.  It is a good thing.

When I reference MacGyver as a verb in the blogosphere, it means the unintentional omission of one critical ingredient that would make the post or comments wholly thorough and effective.  I've been MacGyvering a lot lately.  Hopefully the clouds will clear away soon.

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