Monday, March 20, 2017

Random Rambling

I realized something tonight and it feels a bit strange that it took me until now to understand it.

I know that with my recent D/s writing I have slipped back into my "impersonal style" of years' past.  After deleting another dozen half-finished post in the past day, two important things have stood out to me.

1. Most bloggers are able to just recount an event or experience as it happened.
2. For some reason I feel like the D/s posts I write must be important or informative in some way.

The second limits the hell out of me and affects the first.  Rather than just talking about something and letting people draw their own interpretations from it, for some reason I find myself presenting it in a way that focuses upon what I feel should be interpreted from it, and due to #2, I only post it if it seems important.

I'm not sure why I do this but it is probably something I should work on.  It would make writing a lot easier.


  1. I once posted my shopping list. Not even kidding. Soooo... yeah :).


    1. Thank you, Ferns.

      That is one sexy shopping list. I have a "thing" for "stuff" and "thingies" :)

  2. Self-censorship takes on a variety of forms, and I think there are many bloggers who do this. I know I often choose what to/not-to post based on how personal/sensitive it feels to talk about, and those topics/feelings/experiences change over time.

    One of the things that has helped me un-stifle (is that a word?) myself has been writing for prompts. It's something I've done in muggle life for years, but it's new for me in my blogging life. I find that, when faced with the (self-imposed) demand of putting something out there to follow the prompt, my writing naturally leads me to places I might otherwise avoid. It's cathartic, in its way.

    (And this comment is not meant as advice; I'm just sharing, because I get where you're coming from.) :)

    1. Thank you very much, Mrs Fever.

      Writing prompts are definitely a good idea. I have considered going with some a number of times but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

      I'm not quite sure why I'm so willing to share the sadness in my life openly and without filters but when I try to write something else... it's like I feel the need to be something. I will work on trying to get over that.

      Take care.

    2. Also,

      If you have any recommendations for where I could track down some of those prompts it would be much appreciated.

      Thank you again.

    3. I like Marie Rebelle's Wicked Wednesday prompts because while they are geared toward the sex blogging community, the responses often encompasses several other aspects of people's lives. Molly Moore's Kink of the Week (which is actually a bi-monthly prompt, as opposed to weekly) has also been inspiring for me, in examining how I feel about and/or perceive certain kinks/turn-ons/fetishes, and why. The links are below.


      Both hostesses are very good about reading and commenting on participants' writing, and it's always interesting to read fellow bloggers' takes as well.

    4. Thank you very much, Mrs. Fever. I will definitely give them a go in the very near future.