Thursday, March 23, 2017

Reluctant Dominance Part 3

Because this horse isn't quite dead yet...

Thank you everyone for the comments so far.  As my thoughts and feelings continue to process and settle, I realize just how much effort I have gone to in order to avoid making this post seems like it's going at a couple of individuals.

The reality is that it's what I would say to some of them if I cared to attempt communicating with them again, which I do not. 

Large chunks of the previous posts on this included descriptions of the women that I felt were justified in feeling like dominance is a favor.  That may have muddied things a bit, but I try not to make general statements without covering "both sides." 

I shall still avoid dragging this person through the mud, but I will simply say that my attempts at asking about their belief structure weren't met kindly.  When I asked for an elaboration I got the "being dominant is doing the submissive a favor" attitude.

I like to think of myself as a pretty decent guy and a pretty decent sub.  I like to help people.  I like learning things.  I like getting to know and understand ideas that are different than mine.  I like making new friends. 

In this case I basically saw someone that looked like a good and interesting person with a few beliefs that seemed to be blocking them from finding success.  They are searching for a sub/lover.  While I am not searching for a Dominant, it was clear to me that a few of these beliefs were going to make their search absurdly difficult.

I figured a dialogue would either give reasons for those beliefs.  Some beliefs are reasonable if their frame of reference is understood.  With none given it felt a lot more like posturing and a 3-horned unicorn hunt as I do not believe that the average submissive would be capable of handling what they laid out for longer than say... a month.  A doormat might survive, but they were wanting much more than most doormats have to offer. 

So... I had attempted to help but it clearly wasn't welcomed. 

I will close this with my final feelings on the subject. As much as I favor a woman in complete control, as much as I can handle my freedoms being taken away and my pleasure denied, as much as I will suffer for someone's amusement, and as much as I will sacrifice in the name of love, I don't think I would ever feel safe offering my submission who didn't value it. 

I am guessing I am not alone in those feelings.


  1. As to your next to last sentence, I can only add "nor should you".

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      You are able to help calm my self-doubting nature.

      Take care.