Saturday, May 28, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 4


This takes place 2-3 weeks after part 3.
This part is much much shorter than part 3.  It's also very dialogue heavy but helps build up the fs character's mental state.


I wake to the rattling of chains.  My eyes slowly adjust to the light.  Lisa unlocks my collar from the wall chain.  I sit up on the cot.
"Time to get up, fs," she says with a smile.

Mistress is on vacation with Kimmy.  Theresa normally cares for me when Mistress is gone but she's busy with work for a few days.  Lisa volunteered to house-sit and watch over me.  I sit up on the cot.  She smiles at me.  I smile back.  Lisa is kind.  She has me sleep on the cot.  She doesn't like the idea of me sleeping in a cage.  I still have to wear my maid's uniform but Lisa insisted it would be a satin lining standard hem version for the duration of her stay.  At night my collar is kept chained to the wall, Mistress's orders.

I forget that I'm allowed to speak to Lisa unless she states otherwise.
"What would you like for breakfast, Miss Lisa?"
"Some cereal would be fine, fs."  I frown.
"Mistress would kill me if I served you cereal, Miss Lisa."  She laughs at my candid reply.
"What do you recommend, fs?"
"I could do an omelette with bacon, toast, half a grapefruit, some fresh-squeezed orange juice and cofee."
"I don't think I could eat that much, fs, do you really make that kind of breakfast every day?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa.  It makes me happy to cook for Mistress, I cook with love."  I blush and look down.
"Oh, sweetie.  Well in that case, how about an omelette, toast, juice, and coffee."
"Yes, Miss Lisa.  What type of cheese, meat, and vegetables would you like in your omelette?"
"Surprise me."
"Wheat or white toast, Miss Lisa?"
"Butter, peanut butter, or jam, Miss Lisa?"
"Butter and jam."
"Cream or sugar in your coffee, Miss Lisa?"
"2 creams, 2 sugars, please.  And fs, you don't have to be so polite, you can just call me Lisa."  I balk.  My eyes twitch.
"Oh, I'm sorry Miss Lisa, If I don't address you with a proper title..." I trail off.
"Or what, fs?   Miss Cassandra has already told me everything, you don't have to hold back."
"Miss Lisa, if I don't address you properly I'll get the strap."  Her eyebrows rise.
"Strap?" I point to the wall.
"The big one on the end, Miss Lisa."
"Ouch, that has to hurt."  I nod.
"What am I permitted to eat for breakfast, Miss Lisa?"
"What do you usually eat for breakfast?"
"A dry piece of toast, Miss Lisa.  Sometimes if I'm really good Mistress lets me have an egg too."
"Today you'll have an egg and two pieces of toast with butter, fs."
"Thank you, Miss Lisa."

We go upstairs and I prepare breakfast.  I'm good at multi-tasking and manage to finish everything around the same time.  I place my toast and egg in the oven to keep it warm and serve Lisa her breakfast.

"Can I get you anything else, Miss Lisa?"
"No, fs, this is great, thank you."
"You're welcome, Miss Lisa," I reply with a bow and stand at attention.
"Aren't you going to eat, fs?"
"I will eat after you finish, Miss Lisa. I'm here to attend to you."
"Please, eat with me, fs.  That's an order."
"Yes, Miss Lisa."

I retrieve my plate from the stove and fill a cup with water.  I kneel down next to the table.
"Why are you down there, fs?"
"The table is for people, Miss Lisa, not lowly slaves."  Her eyebrows arch again.
"I order you to eat at the table."  I bow, stand, and move my plate and cup to the table.  I hesitate before sitting.  It's an order.  I fidget.  She notices.
"Don't worry, fs, this is our secret, I promise."
"Thank you, Miss Lisa."  I wait for her to start before I take a bite.  Lisa breaks the silence.

"This is really good, fs, it's delicious."
"Thank you, Miss Lisa."  I smile.  This feels nice.  It's different.  No Kimmy.

We finish eating.  She picks up her plate.  I freeze and my hand shakes.  Lisa looks at me and sets the plate back on the table.  I exhale.  She's starting to understand.  I clear the table and start running the dish water.

"fs, save the dishes for later, come here, I want to talk to you."  I nod and follow her into the living room.  She sits on the couch.
"Sit next to me."  She pats the couch.  I tremble.
"I'm sorry, Miss Lisa, it's forbidden."
"The strap?"  I nod.

"Sit here on the floor then."  She motions to the area next to her.  I kneel and lower my head.
"That can't be comfortable, do you want a cushion or pillow?"  I make a small motion with my head.  Lisa takes a throw pillow from the couch.
"Kneel on this, it's an order."  I set the cushion down and adjust myself on it.
"Thank you, Miss Lisa, you are very kind."  She looks puzzled.

"Talk to me, fs."
"What would you like me to talk about, Miss Lisa?"
"I'll ask you a question, and you just answer, and be honest."
"Yes, Miss Lisa."
"Have you always acted this way?"  I pause to think.
"No Miss Lisa.  There was the me before I met Mistress, the me with Mistress, and how I am now, after Kimmy moved in."
"You seem scared a lot, is that true?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa."
"The strap?"  I nod.

"Did Miss Cassandra use the strap before Kimmy moved in?"
"Only when I did something really bad, Miss Lisa."
"And now?'
"Kimmy makes sure I'm bad almost every day, Miss Lisa."
"Does she bully you?"  I nod.

"Are you happy, fs?"
"I'm happy when Mistress is happy.  Mistress isn't here now though, Miss Lisa."
"So you're unhappy right now, fs?"
"No, Miss Lisa. Your kindness makes me feel good, but without Mistress, I feel... lost."

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole D/s Femdom thing, fs.  I don't really understand it.  What do you think of Miss Cassandra?"  My eyes light up.
"Miss Lisa, Mistress is the love of my life, my everything.  She is my Queen, my Goddess, the keeper of my heart and soul.  I would do anything for her."
"Even though she hits you with the strap?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa.  That is for my benefit."
"Please explain."
"Miss Lisa, Mistress understands me like no one else can.  She senses and feels my needs.  She knows my fantasies, my entire being.  She makes them happen.  I love her so much.  If I'm not perfect for her, I feel like I've failed her."
"So you would rather get the strap and please her than avoid the strap and let her down?"  I nod.

"Interesting, fs.  So the maid's outfit?"
"It was a fantasy of mine, Miss Lisa."
"Sleeping in chains?"
"It was a fantasy of mine, Miss Lisa."
"The chastity belt?"
"Another fantasy, Miss Lisa."
"Being treated like a slave?"
"Fantasy, Miss Lisa."
"Your contract?"
"Another Fantasy, Miss Lisa."

I can't remember the last time I spoke to anyone like this.  It feels almost foreign.  Lisa makes me comfortable.  My speech slowly returns, less childlike, more like an adult.

"So what you're saying, fs, is that you had a bunch of sexual fantasies about certain things and now you're living out your sexual fantasies?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa, Mistress had me write down a new fantasy for her every day.  They are slowly happening one by one."
"And how do you feel about them, do you regret any of them?"
"Kimmy."  I blurt it out without thinking.  Another arched eyebrow.
"Kimmy was your fantasy?"
"Not so much Kimmy, as the idea of her, Miss Lisa.  Another woman."
"If you could change anything, what would you change?"
"Miss Lisa, I think I would prefer if the fantasies lasted for a week... not..."
"A lifetime?"  I nod.
"These fantasies turn Mistress on, Miss Lisa.  I would never take them away from her if they bring her pleasure."

"How were things before Kimmy, did you still wait on Miss Cassandra hand and foot?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa.  She is my Queen.  I pampered her like a Queen.  Worshiped her like a Goddess."
"The cooking, cleaning, chores, and so on?"
"All of them, Miss Lisa."  She shakes her head in bewilderment.
"Did that make you happy?"
"Very happy, Miss Lisa.  It made Mistress happy and that made me happy."
"Did Miss Cassandra have to order you to get you to do everything?"
"No, Miss Lisa, that's more recent."
"Kimmy?"  I nod.

Lisa grins strangely.  I can tell she's thinking.
"If I knew then what I know now, I think I would have waited to get married, fs." She smiles.
"Your husband isn't this way, I take it, Miss Lisa?"  She laughs.
"I can't even get him to put the toilet seat down, let alone cook and clean.  Thinking about this blows my mind."
"Does it interest you, Miss Lisa?"
"This type of life?  I'd be lying if I said no."
"Can I ask you something personal, Miss Lisa?"
"Sure, fs."
"Does the idea of it turn you on, Miss Lisa?  I don't mean to be rude, but I think that's important."
"I don't know, fs.  Does the thought of being pampered and waited on turn me on?  Yes.  It can't just be that easy though." I nod.

"There's more to it, isn't there?"  I nod.
"Miss Lisa, a strong Mistress shapes her sub from who he was into who she wants him to be.  It's important that that process turns her on or it doesn't work very well."
"By shape, you mean hurt until he changes, right?" I nod.  "Interesting."

"So does it turn you on when Miss Cassandra is cruel to you, fs?"  I blush.  I nod slowly.
"Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed admitting that to me?"  I nod and pause.
"Both, Miss Lisa."

"May I pamper you, Miss Lisa?"
"I promised Miss Cassandra nothing sexual, but anything else is fine.  What did you have in mind?"
"I can massage, both therapeutic and relaxing, I can give manicures and pedicures, foot baths, foot rubs, those kinds of things, Miss Lisa."
"What do you usually do in your free time, fs?"  I have to think about it.  I can't remember the last time I had free time.
"I usually lay in my cage and think about ways I can make Mistress happy, Miss Lisa."
"Why do you do that, fs?"
"If Mistress is home I have no free time.  If she's not here, I miss her, Miss Lisa."
"Why the cage?"
"Miss Lisa, the cage is... her way of keeping me... owning me... It makes me feel safe when she's not here."

"Can I ask another question, fs?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa."
"What does fs stand for?"
"Those are my initials, Miss Lisa."  She lets out a hearty laugh.  I smile but feel puzzled.  Lisa slowly regains her composure.
"After I dressed you up for the VIP showing I was certain it stood for fur sissy."  She laughs again.  My cheeks flush red.
"Can I call you fur sissy from now on, fs?"  My smile fades.
"You may call me what you wish, Miss Lisa."   She pinches my cheek.
"I can see that face blushing, does your new name turn you on fur sissy?  It's such a fitting name."  Shame fills me.  I feel my sex twitch.  I nod.  She laughs.

"You know, fur sissy, I love fur.  Not quite as much as Miss Cassandra, but I love it a lot.  That's why I took the job at her shop as an assistant even though I'm overqualified for that position.  Miss Cassandra pays me what I should make with my credentials, but I love working there.  I especially love the VIP showings.  It feels so naughty."  I can sense that Lisa likes feeling naughty.

"You know, fur, that Kimmy really cracks me up.  It took our crafters two full weeks to get the stitching and angles right so that the fur on your dress doesn't touch your skin unless you force it to, she insisted that they keep working until they got it right."  She lets out a chuckle.

"I know what I want to do, fur sissy.  Fetch my coat, hat, gloves, and boots."
I do as instructed.  Her coat is similar to one of Mistress's.  It's long, black cashmere with a huge fur collar and cuffs.  The hat is fur with a leather crown.

"I've seen your ritual.  It's hot."  She extends her hand.  I slide it on, pulling it snug at the wrist. Then the other hand.  Lisa turns and extends her arm.  I slide her arm into the sleeve and wrap the coat around her.  The other sleeve.  I close my eyes.  I feel peace.  I straighten the collar.  I wrap the belt around her waist and cinch it.  She turns.  I stand on my toes and place the hat on her head.

Lisa sits and raises her foot.  I kneel and slide it into the boot and zip it up.  Her left foot slides in.  I zip.  I look up at her from my knees.  Lisa clears her throat tapping her foot.  I kiss it, first the right foot, then the left.  She lets out a laugh.
"Oh, that is heavenly.  Now I get why Miss Cassandra likes it so much.  You've made me happy, fur sissy."
"Thank you for the privilege, Miss Lisa."
She sprawls back on the couch.  She pats her lap.
"fur sissy, I'm ordering you to kneel here and place your head on my lap."

I shuffle closer and lean forward.  I turn my head sideways and gentle rest it on her lap.  I close my eyes.  Lisa pets my head, eventually fixating on the fur earmuff facing her.

Lisa is kind.  My breathing slows.  I doze off.

I wake and Lisa is gone.  I hear some clattering in the kitchen.  I make my way there, following the sounds.  Lisa sees me.

"Before you freak out, fur, I wont tell Miss Cassandra.  I made us soup for lunch.  I order you to eat with me."

We sit at the table.  I smile at her.  She smiles back.  Lisa is kind.  We finish.  My hand extends for her bowl.  She stops me, taking my hand in hers.  A gentle squeeze.  Her smile beams at me.
"Thank you, Miss Lisa."
"For what, fur sissy?"
"For reminding me what it felt like to be a person."  She squeezes my hand even tighter.
"I think I'm starting to get it."
"Can I ask you something, Miss Lisa?"
"Did Miss Theresa really have contract discussions?"
"No, fur, she didn't."

My eyes tear up a bit.  I love Mistress so much.  She is my Queen.  My Goddess.  I miss her dearly.

"I like you a lot, Miss Lisa, you are very kind."
"You really are a perceptive fur sissy, aren't you?"  I blush.

"You know, fur, I will never doubt you or Miss Cassandra ever again.  I was surprised when she asked me to house-sit for a few days, I didn't quite understand why.  Then you told me she understands you and feels and senses your needs.  It took you less than 5 hours to figure it out and I get it completely."  She shakes her head in bewilderment.

I beam a smile.  She smiles back.  Lisa is very kind.

"You know, fur sissy, I know what I would like to do later."  I perk up.
"Let's go to the shop after-hours.  I'm hunting for a new coat.  Miss Cassandra says you have an excellent eye for style.  Would you help me choose one that looks sexy?"
I smile and nod.

In the back of my mind I loop it over and over again.  Thank you, Mistress.  I needed this.  I love you so much.

"By the way, fur sissy."  Lisa's voice breaks my train of thought. "I promise I won't tell Miss Cassandra that you forgot to address me with 'Miss Lisa' twice today."  She makes a whipping motion with her hand.

I blush.



  1. Sort of an intermission from pain and torture, isn't it? Lisa is kind. Lisa is good. Lisa is nowhere near as mean as the other ladies involved. Why do I feel that this will change? Will Lisa be converted to being a true Dominant? Or will she be a rescuer for fur? I guess we'll find out, won't we.

    1. Thank you for the comments, Lady Grey.

      I don't want to spoil things too much but originally, this was going to be part of part 3... before part 3 got twice as long as any other part in its current form. Lisa symbolizes a sub's need for a "recharge" if they get beaten down enough. Keeping a sub stuck in a certain space for an extended period of time can be rough. This part also gave a chance to clear up some plot questions, display some of the sub's thoughts, and so on.

      An intermission is a very good description of it. Part 6 flows a bit like this as well.

  2. This one was sweet and fun. :)

    1. Thank you, Misty. I am glad you liked it.

  3. I enjoyed this chapter, furcissy! You wrote in a comment above that it is important for the submissive to "recharge" and you wrote that into your story beautifully!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      I also used it as an excuse to explain fs's views on D/s that probably weren't clear up to this point. Lisa represents the "curious mind."

      Take care.