Monday, May 23, 2016

The Open Window

It seems when I really open up into the part of myself that's been buried a lot of other memories come rushing back in.

Sorry to rehash pictures, but these events involve this outfit:

F pretty much kept things like this when I would serve her (the wrist cuffs would close over the sweater so it couldn't be removed and the sweater was also a turtleneck with the bondage collar going on the outside).  Occasionally she would have me wear some pink slipper socks with fur cuffs around the ankles, but often it was barefoot.  I was kept in bare legs and no underwear as F liked easy access to my behind and privates.  One day when she came over it was VERY cold out. Cold like -5 degrees F with a -35 degree windchill.  After we completed our daily rituals, she had me dress in in the serving outfit, today choosing to have me barefoot.  At some point she had me retrieve her coat, hat, scarf, and gloves and help her back into them.  She also instructed she was going to want a blanket wrapped around her legs.  Before she sat down for this, she raised the blinds a couple of inches, and opened a window... as wide as it would go... and then another window, as wide as it would go.  She then lowered the blinds again, returned to her chair next to the window, and had me wrap her legs with the blanket.

I was instructed to kneel and hold my hands to my neck.  She opened her book and began to read in silence.  I didn't quite understand until the first gust of wind blew in.  Wow, the cold wind bit the exposed skin on my legs.  The skirt was so short that it stopped an inch above my penis and barely covered any of my buttocks.  The cold air began to diffuse into the room.  I could feel my penis begin to shrink.  I started to shiver and my teeth began to rattle.  After about 10 minutes the room temperature had dropped by quite a bit.  F continued to read.  Instinctively I moved my hands down and began to rub my thighs for warmth.

F looked up.  "Remove your gloves."  I did as instructed, handing her the gloves.  "Put your hands on top of your head."  I continued to kneel, freezing, shivering.  After several minutes, F closed her book, having finished the chapter.  She instructed me to close the windows and then ordered me over her lap.  She placed my hands behind my head flipped up the skirt (not that it needed it), and begin to spank me.  The leather of her gloves was taut and firm from the cold and stung badly on my chilled skin.  She continued, making sure to get both cheeks and spanked me until I bawled.  When she finished, I bowed and kissed her feet and she had me turn up the heat and moved us into the other room where it was still warm.

We never spoke of it later but I knew what it was.  This was something she did so that I would suffer and she enjoyed it.

She did something similar another time.  It was another cold day, but not quite as cold.  I was feeling a little down and had been a little resistant to being dressed... "I don't really feel like it today" I believe is the phrase I used.  F said that was fine and I was naked except for my collar, wrist, and ankle cuffs.   She bundled herself up, opened the windows, and had me kneel, prostrating myself so that my forehead touched the floor and with my arms extended out beyond my head (this was my worship position to her).  And F read, allowing the freezing air to penetrate the room.

After about 15 minutes I spoke.
"Yes, slave?"
"Mistress may I please wear clothes?"
"What are you asking to wear?"
"The ones you wanted me to, Mistress."
"Come here."

She took me over her lap, spanked me until I bawled, and sent me off to go put on what I had refused to wear earlier.


  1. I like that your mistress chose a punishment that ended in you asking to wear the clothes you originally resisted wearing.

    1. Thank you for the comments, Miss Lily. The punishment indeed felt fitting as was her method of adjusting my attitude. I am not much of a morning person and the original refusal happened very early in the morning, coupled with the fact that I could rarely fall asleep easily if I knew I was seeing her the next day.

      This was a reminder that her desires always outweighed my feelings.