Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thoughs from the blogosphere part 4

I did feel I had to add a part 4 as I forgot to mention this at the end of part 3.

In a/my perfect world I picture myself having very little free time.  If I do have any unoccupied free time it would be spent in chains and/or in a cage, with no computer privileges to speak of :D

I suppose I wouldn't be writing much in that scenario unless it was part of my duties.

I might just be crazy, but I guess that's how my mind works.


  1. This is a common fantasy of mine as well. eM has also informed me that it may soon become more of a reality than I'd like.

    1. Thank you, r.

      Good luck with the reality :)
      You may find that when you are restrained in such a way that it's very liberating... no use worrying about other things since you can't do anything about it anyways.

  2. My sub shares the dream of being caged. He fantasizes about being locked away, being brought food and water and otherwise ignored until I feel a need for his worship. I also have noticed that many subs, including mine, like the idea of being chained up in a barn.

    Also happy to hear that eMs sub may be getting some fantasies transformed into reality.

    Good thing that your time is not quite so taken up. I would miss your writing.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily.

      Being served food? Nonsense! I picture one of those gerbil feeder/water bottle things filled with a nutrient shake that is consumed by lining up a gag with a small hole in it to line up with the feeder's "straw", ideally just barely in reach. I'm joking... well half joking at least :)

      Early on I did fantasize about the "ignored until use" aspect, but that was before I realized that cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. were probably in the mix as well.

      As for my writing and such, this type of situation has never been close to reality for me for more than a few hours as K, F, and T have enjoyed my human company as well, outside of D/s.