Saturday, May 28, 2016

Thoughts on the fiction so far

I just finished part 3.  I didn't have a lot of privacy the last couple of days so it was broken up over several stretches but I realize it took like 7 hours.  I almost broke it up into pieces but I've decided I want every act to have a truly intimate scene that shows love (although act IV may have to settle for "compassion.").

Part 2 didn't really turn out the way I had hoped.  The original comic idea was to have Kimmy's mean things be spread out over months, implying that there was probably only 1 bad thing per day.  Cramming 4-5 things into 1 day make her seem even more over the top than I had planned instead of just a slightly malicious bully.  What's done is done but it has affected how I plan to progress things.  If part 2 is the normal day to day faced by the sub, I can't really just repeat that, so my apologies in advance for the not-yet-happened jumps in continuity.

I'm really enjoying writing this so far.  Even if most people hate it, I think I will keep doing it.  I just end up with a really bad crash when I finish an act and wish I had someone to talk to about it.

If anyone is ever up for that my email and messenger info are in my blog profile.  I don't usually stay logged in to messenger, but if someone contacts me about it I can hop on.

For lack of a better title, and the glaring need for a name. I'm going to simply call it fs01.

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