Saturday, May 28, 2016

More thoughts on fiction fs01

If you have read and/or enjoyed the fiction so far.  I'm running out of scenarios to write.  Part 5 is currently mostly done.  I decided to split my original plan for 5 into 2 parts on a natural break point.  I have brief outlines completed for parts 6, 7, 8 and 9.

9 will be the finale unless I can think up some more content.

The list of fantasies the Mistress assigned the sub to write is based upon an actual event in my D/s life (Reflections part 2 talks about it) when I was more of a "blank slate" submissive and K wanted to understand what made me tick and how to progress things.  I was to write about things I wanted, things I was curious about, and things I thought she would enjoy.   In the story, she's using his list of (what is supposed to be 30 fantasies) to create a "bucket list" of things he could possibly experience in real life and puts things in motion to make them happen.

The problem I'm running into... is that I'm almost out of fantasies.  I didn't actually write 30 of them, it was closer to 20.

Here is what has happened so far from the list (in any order):

1.  Serving 2 Dommes / 1 Domme + territorial sub.
2.  Lesbian cuckold.
3.  Extensive chastity.
4.  Nearly inescapable contract.
5.  Forced feminization.
6.  Being "revealed" to her friends.
7.  Public humiliation / display.
8.  Being loaned out to a wicked sadist.
9.  Being pegged.
10.  Being turned into a slave.
11.  Extreme speech and behavioral restrictions.
12.  Being beaten until collapse/unconsciousness.
13.  Being forced to sleep in chains / in a cage.
14.  Being conditioned to experience mental/emotional agony at failing to obey rules.
15.  Being conditioned to only be able to orgasm on command.
16.  Being turned into a maid.
17.  Following a set of rituals in behaviors to the Mistress.
18.  Being loaned or rented out to another Domme.
19.  (appears in part 6)
20.  (appears in part 7)

 So... I'm running out of material.  I know some of the situations cover multiple clauses, but not all of them are really evident to write about as an event, they are more environmental.

I'd ask for recommendations for new scenarios but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings if I choose not to use them.  I also can't write (or will be bad at writing) things I'm not interested in or still remain on my extremely short list of hard limits.  If no more ideas pop in I already know how I will be wrapping things up.  

As a side note, I'm extremely curious as to how people will react to part 4... it was very different than the other parts with very few actions happening, more dialogue and feeling driven with the "important parts" involving peace of mind for the characters involved more than anything else.

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