Friday, June 10, 2016

Arc 4 is in the works

EDIT: So much for letting Arc 3 breathe.  Part 21 is now live.  

I have Arc 4 in the works.  I don't have a full plot laid out yet but do have the basic idea that I wish to explore.

Part 21 is over half done but I'm not feeling enough of the drive to finish it tonight so I may hold it back a few days and let Part 3 "breathe" a bit.  As of right now, I'm planning on having Arc 4 be a bit on the shorter side, similar to Arc 3 and deal with a specific underlying subject rather than trying to do anything epic with it.  It feels like this makes it an easier read but it is also a lot easier to write and more likely to succeed at its intended goal (e.g. explore and idea rather than trying to force a plot into being an "important" story).

I have appreciated all of the feedback I have gotten so far. 

A few notes and observations along the way.

-I am finding people are able to easily spot things that I have not actually experienced.  Most recently was my Arc 3 Bonus chapter.  While I have taken a strap on in the mouth before, it was never something huge.  To write this I drew from what I have experienced (small dildos or very large gags) and I was informed that my descriptions were inaccurate to the actual experience.  All I can say is, oops... but it makes me want to stick more to what I know from experience.

-I've actually debated holding some form of "contest" or something to see if people can guess which events are based on actual events, actual fantasies, or are purely fictitious.  I can say that a few of them were based upon actual nightmares (often times ones that I recorded and communicated to K). 

-I have no interest in writing about anything sexual involving other men, so that puts some very strict limits on where I can go in the story.  I would guess that this may lead to some "eye rolling" from readers as I form a lesbian version of a somewhat common D/s or BDSM activity that would normally involve a second man.  All I can say here is, please forgive me.  I encourage anyone that gets put off by this to just picture it's not actually with another woman.

-In most cases, I wait for authors to finish their next volume.  I feel a bit like I'm writing this faster than people care to read it.  I don't mind, it just feels a little strange :)

-I really enjoy it when people let me know when a particular chapter or event really turns them on.  If I can write your porn, I'm doing something right.

Take care and thanks for reading.


  1. One thought that goes to mind - is that sometimes its the 'mostly normal' situation , with just one thing 'out of place' that makes for interesting 'challenges' . Maybe its a normal day and a shopping trip is in order - wearing normal clothes - except for pink mitten son strings , or normal clothes but a pink fur trim parka worn ... or out for a walk - dressed 'normal' but for a pair of locked on pink earmuffs ... Most important thing though is for you to enjoy writing - I know when I write its for 'me' - if others like it thats great ... but not a main driver :)

    1. Thank you, mittens. I'm getting the email notifications now, too.

      I've heard from many that the one thing out of place often draws more attention than everything.

      I will think about this for future chapters. I would likely need a reason he is back to normal clothes as well as a reason for the single item. This will be on my mind.