Monday, June 6, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 17

Authors Note:
Start of Arc 3


A month has passed since the party at Dominique's.  The protocols have changed with Mistress and I as well.  I'm no longer in chastity.  Mistress decided that with what I've been through over the past year and half that I've earned some freedom.  I'm still not allowed to touch it or cum without permission and she measures my testicles during our evening punishment sessions, but it's nice.

Mistress laughs when she "triggers a response" and it amuses her to tease me constantly.  Mistress and I have talked extensively about being permitted to accompany her to work.  She has been busy working with the department heads trying to figure something out that works.

"I have some special news, pet."
"Yes, Mistress?"
"After weeks of brainstorming, we were able to come up with an experiment of sorts that would open up the possibility of you working with me.  You would be the first test subject and if you proved successful, we may move forward with things on a larger scale."
"It may have sounded like I was asking, pet, but I've already decided for you.  You start today."

She sees the look in my eyes.  She nods.  I lunge forward and embrace her around the waist.  She pets my head.

"Do keep in mind that you'll still be responsible for your household duties, but you'll now have much less time each day to complete them.  What do you think will happen if you fall behind, pet?"

I point up at the prison strap hanging on the wall.

"Smart boy," she giggles as she pets my head some more.  I smile.  I don't mind as long as I get more time with Mistress.

"Your uniform isn't quite 'appropriate' for the work place, so we asked HR and our design team to come up with a "gender neutral" solution to serve as your uniform while at the shop.  You'll find it in the box on the dresser."

Mistress motions with her hand and I move to the dresser.  Finally, I'll be free from this locking pink hell.  I open the box.  My heart sinks.  "Gender neutral."

I remove the uniform from the box and spread it out.  A neon pink canvas jumpsuit with a light pink fur at the collar and cuffs.  I hear the metal rattle.  They have the same locking buckles and bondage rings as my maid's dress.  Inside the box there are also a pair of pink canvas slip on shoes, pink socks, a pink ski mask, and a pair of dark tinted goggles that are mirrored on the outside.  The final item is a pair of pink earmuffs with a cord attached to them.

"Get dressed pet, or we'll be late on your first day."

My body language slumps.  I start with the socks and work my way up.

"Ski mask before the suit, pet." Mistress giggles.

I dress in the order she specifies.  Mistress buckles up my wrists and locks the straps.  The next part seems rather elaborate.  She feeds a metal post at the bottom of the ski mask through a metal hole in the collar of the suit.  She nods and I zip the front zipper up to the top.  She flips the zip handle over the post and puts a small lock through a hole in the post.  My eyebrows furrow in worry.  I won't be able to unzip the suit or remove the mask without a key.

Mistress laughs and taps the head of my penis that pitches a tent through the suit.  She buckles up the collar and locks it.  She then buckles the belt at the waist and locks it.  Last she places the earmuffs on my head.  The cord runs down my back and plugs into a small pack on the belt.

Mistress pinches her collar and speaks.
"Testing, testing, 1, 2."  Her voice rings loud and clear in my ears.  The earmuffs are actually a headset feeding sound from her lapel mic.

Next she slides the goggles on.  The headband pins the earmuffs even more tightly to my head.  She makes a motion with her hand.  I turn for her.  A name plate on the crest displays "01".  On the back of the suit is the embroidery: "Property of Fur Her Pleasure."  (The name of Mistress's shop).

"Looking sharp, pet.  I'm sure you'll impress all the women at the office.  I was against the mask idea at first but the department heads insisted on it.  They were worried if they could see your facial expressions and eyes they might feel bad and accidentally treat you like a person."

I blush and hang my head in shame.  Mistress pokes my tent and laughs.

In the car on the way to work, Mistress explains to me my schedule for the next few days.  She permits me to sit in the back seat.  This excites me.

"pet, over the next several days each of the department heads will have use of you for a scheduled amount of time.  They will evaluate your skills and see how you can be deployed most effectively.  The first and last 30 minutes will be spent with me in my office, as well as my lunch hour.  Each day you will be given to the appropriate department for 3 hours at a time.  Once you have served every department, your schedule will change accordingly.  As your assignment changes, the source of your headset will change to the members of the appropriate department.  You are not to speak to anyone, ever.  They know to only ask you questions with a yes and no answer that you can answer by nodding or shaking your head. "

I smile when I think of Mistress.  She's always so thorough.  Everything is so well-planned.  She's so smart.  And beautiful.  I love her so much.  I pitch another tent.

"Also, pet, to make sure you stay properly motivated, your service performance will be graded and evaluated.  If you manage to earn all A's and positive reports, you will be allowed to cum.  Poor grades and negative reports will be dealt with during our punishment sessions.  Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress."

"Also keep in mind that while you are out of chastity now, it can return at any time and for any reason."
"Yes, Mistress."

The threat lingers.

My head spins as Mistress rattles off the departments and names of their heads.  I will never remember them all:
Retail Sales - Meagan
Internet Sales - Brenda
Legal - Theresa
Shipping & Receiving - Patricia
Manufacturing and Alterations - Kristi
Design - Ricki
Secretarial - Amy
Adult Sales & Research - Sasha
Advertising and Marketing - Julie
Mail Room - Amanda
HR - Jeanie
Accounting - Sandy

I'm actually glad that Custodial are contracted independently from an outside source.  I do enough of that at home.

I muster my resolve.  This situation grows from my own desires.  Mistress made them true.  I love her.



  1. Love the ski mask, and the headphones.

  2. Sneaky clever of you to add all of those department heads. This could go on forever! Is that what you were after?

    1. Hello, Lady Grey. It was when I covered all of the department heads that I did a "whoops" and realized I had bitten off more than I could chew. I had to truncate things a bit from there and tried to focus in on the meat.

    2. Although I will add, it did leave things open for the future :)

  3. I wish working with him was something like this, but something tells me I wouldn't be as covered.

    P.S. I'm glad I don't have to worry about tents.

    1. Im not sure if that is lucky or unlucky Misty :)

    2. Haha! Lucky, unlucky, likes,'s all the same.

  4. I love that moment where fs thinks he will escape his humiliating attire...only to find out that his work attire is even more humiliating! Well done, furcissy...looking forward to seeing where this arc goes!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      I would have to believe that fs is probably extremely happy that people can't see his face :)

      Take care.