Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Quick notes about some recent posts

It just dawned on me that a couple of my recent posts may have made it seem like I think it's easier to be a Domme than a sub.

I wanted to clarify my actual stance on things.
I believe that it is easier for a Domme to have subs to choose from but I do not think this makes it any easier for a Domme to find the right or perfect sub from the thousands of messages they will receive.
While subs have far fewer Dommes to choose from, if he does get chosen, it's often a pretty good fit.

A lot of it comes down to luck, chance, timing, etc.

If anything, the courting process is different in this way:
-As time goes on it's easier for a Domme to get frustrated, jaded, and disillusioned at digging through thousands of wankers.
-As time goes on it's easier for subs to get dejected, desperate, and depressed from being ignored or rejected by the small pool of available women.

In regards to the lifestyle, I think that the majority of the stress and responsibility falls onto the Domme.  Any inequality in needs and so on is easily canceled out by the fact that she bears the brunt of the responsibility for the success and failure of the dynamic.  There are ways to institute rules, lists, and rituals that will lessen the burden on a daily basis, but that requires a lot more initial effort and planning than a sub's submission and following of said rules.  Basically, it's less stressful to wash the dishes than to come up with a rule that they will get washed, washed well, a punishment/consequence for if they aren't completed in such a manner, and then having to enforce said punishment in case of failure.

This contributes heavily as to why I think lifestyle Dommes are such amazing people.