Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fiction: fs01 Arc 3 Bonus Chapter - Friday At The Office

Author's Note:

This takes place a week or so after the end of Part 20.


I huddle in the pet carrier in the back of Mistress's SUV.  It's Friday.  I'm excited.  I get to spend the day with her at work.  I don't know what she has planned for today and I do not ask, I'm happy just to be by her side.  After the events of a couple weeks ago things have mostly returned to normal.  I love her even more and she wants to keep me all to herself.

I wear my maid's uniform but my body is covered from head to toe by a large hooded cloak, making me far less of an eyesore to the public.  I appreciate this favor to me but I know it is less distracting to the other workers as well.

The vehicle arrives in the back lot of Mistress's shop.  The back gate pops.  I climb out, close the gate, and open her car door.  She braces herself on my shoulder and climbs down.  She smiles.  I blush.  I love her.

We navigate swiftly through the building.  It's early and everyone is still settling in.  There are a few stares but nothing noteworthy.  We arrive at Mistress's office.  She leads me inside, closes the blinds, and shuts the door behind us.  I release the cloak's ties at my neck and slide it off my body.  I fold it neatly and place it on the shelf.  Mistress's back faces me, her arm extended.  I retrieve her robe and slide it onto her arm, pulling it around her body.  I straighten the collar and cinch it at the waist.  I kneel, bow my head and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.

I notice some changes to Mistress's desk.  The bottom has been "covered" so that you can't see under it from the outside.  Mistress motions for me.  I move around the desk and crawl into the opening.  She sits in her chair, rolls forward, and removes her shoes.

My heart fills with love.  Our time is dear to me.  To touch her, to be near her.  I live for this.  I gently caress her foot.  My fingers slide and press, working her sole, arch, and heel.  I gently rub the tops and work each toe one by one.  I start on the other foot.  Others have entered the room.  I hear Lisa greet Mistress.  They small talk.  Mistress disguises her moans but her voice drops in pitch.  This makes me happy.

Amy enters with coffee.  I continue my work, finishing on her foot.  Pleasantries are exchanged above me.  My focus shifts to her calves.  I rub them in the way that she likes.  Mistress shifts her legs, parting her robe slightly.  I can smell her.  I hear the door close.  Lisa explains Mistress's schedule for the day.  She has meetings with the department heads.

Mistress's legs pull away from me and she slips her feet back into her shoes.  I hear a drawer open.  She reaches down and taps my left shoulder.  I present my hand to her.  She takes it by the wrist and pulls it to the edge of the cubby I currently kneel in.  Both hands now, a click.  She locks my wrist to an eyelet.  She taps my right shoulder and repeats, locking my wrist to another eyelet.  She slides her chair forward as far as she can.  Her feet rest on my thighs.  Her knees against my chest.  My face is inches away from her.  I feel my sex strain against the metal tube.

Mistress taps her toe against the front plate of the belt.  She signals me.  She knows I lust for her.  My Mistress.  The first meeting starts.  Sales figures, projections, upcoming promotions.  I want to touch her.  She drives me mad.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  I love you.

The meetings continue.  Reports on the status of the new interns two and three.  Productivity increases, future plans.  Mistress opens and closes her knees, taunting me.  The next meeting.  Problems in the shipping department.  Possible solutions.  She digs her heels into my thigh.  I bite my lip, forcing silence.  Her hand appears below the desk.  It quickly finds my nipple.  Teasing, pinching, twisting.  My belt prevents my attempt.  My head spins.  The door closes.  Her other hand finds a nipple.  She pinches and pulls, holding my chest away with her knees.  I want to moan but I know I can't.

The door again.  Her hands release.  She spreads her legs.  Her scent intoxicates me.  Another meeting.  Time drags on.  I want to lose myself but I can't.  What I desire sits before me.  I cannot resist.  The door closes.  Mistress and Lisa converse about lunch.  I hear a knock on top of the desk.

"How are you down there, fur?" asks Lisa.  I blush.  She knew I was there the whole time.

Mistress's hand taps my chin.

"I am good, Miss Lisa, how are you today?"
"It's going well, fur.  I'll see you in an hour."
"Take care."

The door closes.  Mistress slides her chair back and stands.  I hear the door lock turn and click.  My heart races.  Alone time.  I hear the rustling of clothes and some small metal clinks.  Mistress returns and sits at her chair.  Her robe hangs open.  Her skirt is gone.  Her crotch dons a leather harness and a very large strap on.  My guess is that it's a Reverb but it's longer and wider than the one we have at home.

Mistress's hands press against the sides of the harness.

"Say hello to my little friend," she says with a giggle, tilting the dildo from side to side.  I blush.  I'm a bit scared.  That will tear me apart.

"I've always wanted to do this, pet," she says as she slides the chair forward.  I feel her hands grasp my earmuff harness.  She pulls me toward her.

"Suck it, bitch."

She yanks on the straps and forces its tip against my lips.  She gives my head a shake.  I part my lips.  She pulls and forces it into my mouth.  It's too big.  She pulls harder.  I open my mouth as far as it will go.  I feel like my jaw is going to fall off.  She plunges it deep inside me.  I gurgle and strain as it forces its way in.  I feel like my cheeks will tear.  The end finds my throat and jars to a halt.  I hear her moan.  She takes one hand and squeezes the base of the dildo twice.  It vibrates.  Mistress returns her grip onto my head harness.

She pushes and pulls, forcing the massive silicon cock back and forth in my mouth.  It hurts.  My saliva finally lubricates its shaft.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Mistress builds a rhythm, the shaft sliding against my fully parted lips.  She moans every time it reaches my throat.  The vibration and force transfer of the Reverb stimulates her.  My face strains.  My eyes tear up.  She moan.

Mistress increases her force.  She pushes and pulls harder with every cycle.  She places her legs over my shoulders, crossing them behind my neck.  Her moans turn to pulses, matching her panting.  Her breathing heaves with every thrust.  A hard tug, a deep press.  I gag.  She squeals and her legs pull tight against me.  Squeeze, squeeze, relax.  Her scent is everywhere.

Her grip loosens.  She moves my head gently and in smaller motions.  Mistress catches her breath.  The pace and range slowly increase in speed.  I feel her legs tighten.  She's pushing and pulling again with all her might.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Her low moan fills the room.  Harder, faster, harder, faster.

Tears flow down my cheeks.  This hurts and I don't like it.  She plunges it deep into my throat.  She lets out a cry.  Back and in.  Another deep pull.  I gurgle.  She pulls tighter.  Mistress lets out a cry, giving a few quick yanks on my harness.  Relax.

She slows for a moment before returning to a gallop.  Back and forth.  Her noises don't stop, they pulse and shift with each plunge.  The dildo fills my mouth.  I just take it.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Harder, harder, harder.  I strain.  She cries out.  I feel her legs spasm against me.  Tug.  Tug.  Tug.  Relax.  Her hand finds the base of the dildo and clicks it twice.  The vibrating stops.  She releases my head and slides her chair away, pulling her legs back over my shoulders.

Mistress's eyes are peaceful.  Her skin glows.  Drool and tears dribble down my face.  I slump my head.

"How does it feel to be my little fuck hole, pet?"  Her fingers lift my chin.

Our eyes meet.  I love her.  I cannot speak.  She smiles.

"You know, this is really supposed to go in your other end... something to think about for later."

I cringe.  I can't tell if she's messing with me or being honest.  The intercom.  Mistress's lunch has arrived.  She stands up and pulls her robe around her.  I hear the door unlock and open.  Mistress returns to her chair.  Chinese food.  It smells like Szechuan.  My stomach growls.  Mistress giggles.

She reaches down and clicks the base of the dildo twice.  It buzzes away.  I hear Lisa's voice.  She's returned with her lunch as well.  I hear "relaxation sounds" coming from the speakers on the far wall.  Lisa is savvy like that, it covers up the sounds from under her desk.

The door opens.  The next meeting starts.  Mistress slides her chair forward.  The tip of the Reverb pokes my chin.  I slump against my restraints, exhausted.  Her knees twitch.  She suppresses any sounds.  The buzz continues.  Just another Friday at the office.

I love her.  My Mistress.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  You own my soul.



  1. Very hot stuff, fur. Makes me almost wish I still had an office job, with my own private room and a large desk. I especially loved the first part, but the second part with the dildo being plunged into his mouth isn't my style. To each her own, you know, and Mistress is certainly entitled to fulfill her "I've always wanted to do this" moment. Good job!

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      I think I wrote the second part due to... not having done one of those scenes yet in the work. Trying to keep the sex scenes interesting, fresh, and hot is a trial in itself.

      Take care.

  2. So many good one liners in this segment! My favorite though, "You know, this is really supposed to go in your other end"...loved this arc, furcissy!!!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      This chapter was a joy to write. It was one of the ideas that inspired this arc (along with the park bench) but I wasn't able to work this one in until the end.

      Take care.