Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 23

Author's Note:
This takes place the day after Part 22.


I wake gently.  I look upon the bed.  Mistress is gone.  I sit up and look around the room.  Another note.  2 keys.  I read it.


I will be gone again today, I should be home after dinner.  Please shower and shave today and prep your uniform for cleaning.  Your replacement uniform is on the dresser.


My heart sinks.  I unlock myself and get undressed.  I take my time getting clean, making sure to shave thoroughly.  I don't mind doing this for Mistress.  It makes me how she likes me and that makes me happy.

I dress myself, doing up the buckles and locks.  I place my old uniform in a garment bag and hang it on a hook near the door.  I start on my chores out of habit.  There isn't much to do since I did a lot yesterday and no one was home.  I dust and vacuum and mop the floors where we were.

Time passes slowly.  I write Mistress another note.


My love for you makes my heart feel like it will burst.  Your embrace warms every inch of my being.  You are amazing.  I love you so much.  I am lost without you.

-your pet, fs01"

I kiss it and place it on her pillow.  I curl up on the doggie bed.  My thoughts wander.  Maybe I should get my hobbies?  I shake my head.  Hobbies are for killing time and filling holes in my life.  Being with Mistress fulfills me. I don't need anything else.

Time passes slowly.  I eat a small meal.  I doze off.

My eyes open.  I look at the clock.  8:30pm.  My ears strain.  Nothing.  I am alone.  Worry creeps into my heart.  I look at the phone.  My fingers twitch.  I am permitted phone use when ordered or "in case of emergency."  9:00pm.  I go over to the phone and pick it up.  I slowly dial Mistress's cell phone.  Straight to voicemail.  I put the phone back down.  9:10pm.  I try her again.  Voicemail.  I call Theresa.  Straight to voicemail.  I try Lisa.  Voicemail.

I hesitate.  I take a deep breath.  I call Dominique.

"Hey, Cass, what's up?"  I stutter, making a few small sounds with my lips.
"Is that you, little one?"
"Yes, Miss Dominique."
"This is a surprise, have you decided you can't resist my charms any longer?"  She giggles.  I blush.
"Miss Dominique, have you heard from Mistress Cassandra?"
"I haven't spoken to Cass in a few days, little one.  I'm guessing you've already tried her phone."
"Yes, Miss Dominique.  She said she would be home after dinner.  I'm getting worried."
"Are you lonely, little one?"  My head nods even before I speak.
"Yes, Miss Dominique.  Mistress was gone all day yesterday as well.  Today too."
"No problem, little one.  I'll be right over."

She hangs up.  I never realized just how happy human contact could make me.  Something to look forward to.

9:40pm.  Dominique arrives.  I greet her with a smile and a bow.
"Hello, Miss Dominique.  It's a pleasure to see you."  She smirks.
"Hello, little one."

I take her coat and bag.  She turns and raises her arm.  I quickly retrieve a gust robe and pull it over her arm, wrapping it around her body.  I straighten the collar and cinch the belt around her waist.  She clears her throat.

I drop to my knees and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  It feels strange doing this for someone other than Mistress, but Dominique has been there for me.  I owe her.

"I do see why Cass loves this so much, little one."

I escort her to the living room with her bag.  She sits on the couch.  She pats the edge.  I kneel in front of her.

"I brought some entertainment, little one.  A few new toys I had a hand in designing.  Don't worry, they won't hurt too much."  I shiver a little.

Dominique opens the bag.  She takes my hand.  A leather mitten with a fur cuff.  It matches my maid's dress.  She pulls it onto my hand.  Then the other one.  She buckles them tightly at the wrist and applies some locks.  These mittens are strange.  They are lined with thick fur.  The insides have sleeves for each finger that are sewn together.  There is a spot for my thumbs inside but there are no thumbs on the outside.  She adds a ring gag that locks to my earmuff harness.  A blindfold... but not quite.  It's sheer, sort of.  She pulls it onto my face and locks it to the harness as well.  I can see motion, light, and hazy outlines but it prevents seeing anything in detail.

"We're going to play a game, little one."  I watch her arm move and hear a small jingle.
"That was the key.  You simply need to retrieve it and free yourself.  I'm going to time  you.  The number of minutes it takes is how many times I will whip your ass."

I whimper.  In the back of my mind I'm a little relieved.  No nipple clamps.  I start to turn away.  Her hand grabs my shoulder.

"Almost forgot, little one.  It wouldn't be complete without these."  She dangles the nipple clamps in front of me.

I shriek.  The gag lets the sound out.  I hear the rubbing of fabric.  She must be rubbing herself.

"You really do try your hardest to seduce me, little one."

The first clamp bites my nipple.  I groan.  Tighter and tighter.  Tears fill my eyes.  Click.  The other clamp.  I sob a little.  Click.  My brain clouds with pain.  I hear a beep.

"Clock is ticking, little one.  And feel free to take your time."

Fear.  Panic.  Pain.  I didn't see the key.  The sound I heard allows me to narrow it to half the room.  I crawl on my hands and knees.  The mittens prevent me from feeling anything on the carpet.  I slide my hands from side to side, listening for anything.  I whimper.

"1 minute, little one."  I hear a buzz in the background.  She's masturbating.  Her moans make it harder.  I cover ground, hurrying.

"5 minutes, little one."  I whimper.  I move frantically.  I can't see.  I can't feel it.  My nipples hurt too much to think.  Her laughs and moans make it hard for me to hear.

"10 minutes, little one."  By her cries I know she just had an orgasm.  I know it wasn't the first but I haven't been counting.

A sharp pain.  Something bit my leg.  I squint and look at the carpet through the eye mask.  There's not enough light to see.  I can't feel anything with my hands.

I press my face against the carpet and slide my cheek around.  Cold.  Metal.  I push it up so it's on top of the carpet fibers instead of buried.  I try to bend my fingers in the mittens.  They are too thick to pick it up.  Nipple clamps are the rational mind's worst enemy.  I can't use my mouth.  The key is too small to use my knees.  I carefully lift it upright with the tip of one of the mittens.  I shake a little.  The key tips and falls flat.

"15 minutes, little one."

I try again.  Balance. Carefully.  I pinch the other mitten tip against it.  Carefully I lift it off the carpet.  I shuffle on my knees and drop it onto the coffee table.  I hear it ping on contact.  I stare down at it.  I can see its faint outline against the contrast of the table.  The locks on the mittens are on the back of the hand and partially buried in the fur. I raise my wrist and try to point the keyhole toward me.  Almost.  Almost.  It slides in the buckle and tips over falling back into the fur.

"20 minutes, little one."  She cackles and has another orgasm.

I try to lift the key.  I can't pick it up.  I slide it across the table and drop it into my palm.  I attempt to make a fist around it.  It tips and topples onto the carpet.  I cry.  I shove the tip of the mitten into the ring gag.  Anything.  Let me pull it off.  I pin the mitten between my thighs and pull.  The buckle is too tight.  There's no way.

"25 minutes, little one."

I turn to her and sob, holding up my hands.  She's grinning.

"Finally figured it out little one?  This is a game you had no chance of winning.  The mittens have been tested.  You can't remove them yourself without the use of your mouth, and even then it's a challenge."

Dominique leans down and picks up the key."

"Don't worry, little one, I would never hit you without Cass's permission."

She unlocks the nipple clamps and removes them.   Dominique lays out on the couch and pats it.  I reluctantly climb on. She pulls me in.  I'm the little spoon.  I feel her breath on my neck.  Her hands find my nipples and begin to tease.  My sex strains.  We lay like this for hours.

I hear a car.  I hop up and rush to the door.  I struggle to open it, pressing both mittens against the handle I manage to turn it and open the door.  I see the outline of a figure approach.  I squint.  It's Mistress.  My heart jumps.  Mistress enters.  I freeze.  I can't take her coat or kiss her feet.

"pet?"  Dominique enters.
"Hey, Cass.  fs called me looking for you.  He was worried.  I came over to wait with him."
"Hi, Dom.  I had to turn my phone off in the restaurant and forgot to turn it back on."

They move to the living room.  I follow.

"You have to careful with this one, Cass.  He's sensitive and thoughtful.  You normally follow a schedule like clockwork.  I think you threw him off."
"You're right, Dom.  I completely lost track of the time."

She turns to me.
"I'm sorry, pet.  Tristan leaves tomorrow.  Things ran a little later than usual.  She bought a house and will be moving here in a few weeks."

I nod.
"Hey, Cass.  Check out these prototypes I helped design with Sasha."  She unlocks the eye mask and hands it to Mistress.

Mistress holds it over her eyes and waves one hand in front of it.
"Partial vision.  Nice."

Dominique points at her hand and motions to me.   I crawl to Mistress and present my hands.

"Bondage mittens revision number 5.  Completely inescapable without help and makes the hands virtually useless.  I have my order in for the final version.  Those ones buckle directly onto the maid's uniform."

Mistress giggles as she inspects the mittens.  She tugs and prods.

"Good work, Dom.  I'm sure these will be a big seller."

Mistress and Dominique talk for a while.  My hands are freed so I can serve them wine.   Mistress invites her to spend the night.  She sends me to prep the guest room.

At bed time I'm freed from the gag.  I thank Dominique for spending time with me.  She laughs and rubs her crotch.  Dominique is kind... in her own way.

In the bedroom Mistress finds my note.  She embraces me.  I hug her back.  She undresses, turns, and holds out her arm.  I slide her robe onto her arm and wrap it around her body.  I straighten the collar and cinch it at the waist.  I kneel and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  My heart overflows with love.  She tosses the bear off the bed.

"Sleep with me tonight, pet."  I'm walking on air.  I love her.  I curl up on the bed and she presses her body up next to mine.  I'm the little spoon.  We doze off together.



  1. Love the frustration of the task whilst helpless in the mittens .... and the detail of trying to pull them off too .... Loved it :)

  2. I was shocked that Mistress was not mad.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. You are on the right track for this Arc's "theme," but I don't want to give spoilers :)

  3. That would be so frustrating...and lovely. :)

  4. I too was a little surprised that Mistress was not upset with fs...looking forward to seeing where this arc goes! Greatly intrigued!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      fs likely was surprised as well... and probably a bit hurt by it.

      Take care.