Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tired eyes and tired mind.

I set out today hoping to get a lot of writing done... and I really got a lot of writing done.  Unless something changes I will be trying to ease up on the pedal for a little bit, I'm feeling a bit of a crash after finishing Arc 2.

If/when I get to working on Arc 3 it will likely take place in an office setting which will require a handful of new characters and situations that I haven't thought up yet.  If anyone has any feedback on Arcs 1 and 2 of the "I'd like to see more _______," or "Stop focusing so much on _______" or even "I'd like to know more about _______," these often serve as my inspiration and direction for where I go next.

I'm also debating doing some reposts of older content to see if it can spur up any new discussions.  I end up writing about the same things over and over anyways, sometimes bringing my original thoughts to light might make more sense sometimes :)

Thank you everyone that takes the time to read and comment, you are my fuel.

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