Monday, June 20, 2016

A Sea of Thoughts: Sense of Humor

With some of the personal posts I've made lately I almost feel like I should rename the blog "Sentiments from an Insecure submissive."  In an effort to avoid coming off as a sad sack I should probably write about something other than things that are bothering me.

I get kind of bummed out that the majority of my writing seems to be either cold analysis, incredibly personal details, or some form of ranting or acknowledging of hurt feelings.  What often gets lost in the sea of D/s, over-looked when subs think about themselves as subs, men, or potential mates, etc. is sense of humor. 

Beyond everything, I think one of the "sticking points" that led to my D/s relationships (and vanilla relationships for that matter) is my sense of humor.  I'm actually a pretty funny guy that enjoys making everyone around me laugh or smile.  I love sharp wit that flies off the cuff, dry humor, satire and the like.  I have a big book of funny quotes from shows that can apply to nearly any situation.  I enjoy sarcasm as long as it isn't coming from a "complete dick" place.  Randomness is a plus.

On occasion this humor has gotten me in a bit of trouble for being a brat, but at the same time I believe it's one of the factors that has kept my personality from ever getting completely squished out of existence.  I could be wrong but I've come to believe that a sense of humor is probably one of the key components when it comes to seeing a sub as a life companion. 

Sometimes I wish there were more opportunities for me to show that part of myself here.

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