Monday, June 20, 2016

A Sea of Thoughts: What D/s is to me

I know I rattled a similar list off in an earlier post from a few weeks ago but this is something important to me.

It's kind of odd that I've been both rejected and cherished for the submissive that I am.  D/s was the driving force of my life for 10 years.

In a relationship, D/s to me is:
-A relationship
-A symbol of my love
-A second career
-A drug addiction
-A moral code
-A source of self-esteem
-My meaning of life
-The future

 I guess in a lot of ways it's like my love, hopes, dreams, and a religion all wrapped into one.

Now that I think about it, I can understand how this could freak someone out if they weren't ready and willing to accept what that means.  With that being said, that is the way I choose to love. 

What is D/s to you?

(random note, I guess this was another mini-milestone at post #600)


  1. I've never made a list, though I do think about my submissive place often. You have some on your list fs that I would include, also some I would not. It is my sex now, and my meaning, and also the future I see. I don't like to think of it as an addiction, though it likely is, or as therapy. Both of those reflect some what negative connotations for me. Having found my submission, I want to embrace it as fully as I can. I want to be the best submissive (wife) I can be.

    1. Thank you, Penney.

      I guess I don't really think of therapy as being negative. More cathartic and allows you to release the feelings that would otherwise build up within you unchecked.

      As for the addiction part, that may be a little negative but if D/s and subspace were abruptly taken away, there would be "withdrawls." It's not necessarily a sexy idea but I have come to feel it true about myself.

    2. I think you are exactly correct about the therapy, having been in therapy myself. It saved my life--several times. Maybe I just don't want to think of my submissive life as therapy--I didn't state it very well. You are right too about addiction, I would suffer withdrawls....big time!

    3. Thank you for sharing, Penney.

      The volume of my blog entries and fs01 are indicative if my own withdrawls :)

  2. D/S is ...
    My safe place
    An fix for my addiction
    A high
    A source of confidence
    A reason to smile
    A dream come true
    Outlet for my inner sadist
    And a reminder that I am special

    1. Thank you for sharing, Miss Lily. It's good to see how others feel on the subject. It will help me expand my list.