Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Arc 5 Bonus Chapter - Lisa

Author's Note:
This takes place at any time after part 31.


Mistress is away for business overnight.  Lisa is to serve as house-sitter and to be my caretaker for the night.  She is very kind.  She is special to me in that way.

Mistress doesn't talk much to me about Lisa's private life.  What I do know is that our first talk together (Part 4) seemed to get the gears turning in her head and she's been curious ever since.   She seems to have worked her way into Mistress's ever-growing group of Domme friends and she's been present at most of their group gatherings and outings.  During our last private encounter she explored things a little further but she plays her cards close to the chest.

I see headlights flash across the windows and I spring to my feet.  I open the door before the bell even rings.  Lisa arrives at the door with an overnight bag and a large plastic bag.  I take them from her and escort her inside.

"Hello, fur."
"Hello, Miss Lisa.  I hope you are doing well today."

She smiles at me.  I blush a little.  A scent fills the room.  My mouth waters.  Fried chicken.  Lisa approaches the walk in closet area.  She turns and extends her arm.  I help her from her coat and hang it up in the closet.

"Guest robe, headband, and slippers, fur."

Her words are decisive.  It surprises me a little.  I quickly retrieve a robe.  She extends her arm.  I slide it into the sleeve and wrap the robe around her body.  I adjust the collar and then cinch the robe at the waist.  I stand on my toes and place the headband on her head.

I drop to my knees.  I help her out of her first boot and slide her foot into a slipper.  I repeat this with the other foot.  She taps her foot.  I do a double take.

I lean down and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.

She grabs the collar of the robe in her hands and twists her upper body back and forth with a smile on her face.

"I love that so much, fur.  I really do.  Please take my bag to her bedroom.  Miss Cassandra said I could sleep there tonight.  I'll be in the kitchen."

I pick up her bag and run up the stairs to the bedroom.  I deposit it at the foot of the bed and return downstairs.  I feel giddy.  I have to restrain myself from running to the kitchen.  As I enter I see the large white and red bucket sitting on the counter. 

Lisa has set up her plate with a couple of pieces of chicken, a load of mashed potatoes, and a biscuit.

"I'll have white wine and water to drink, fur."  Her directness is a pleasant surprise.  Usually it feels like a game of tug of war with me trying to serve and her trying to relieve me from serving.  I quickly fetch the wine and water and present them to her on the table.

"I've got you some dinner here, too, fur, would you care to join me while I eat?"

Lisa reaches into her pocket, retrieves a granola bar and holds it out to me.  The joy fades from my face.

Lisa blushes a little.  Her face soon forms into a huge grin.  Laughter follows.  She lowers her face and holds her sides.  She spits out words between breaths.

"Miss Cassandra told me to do that and that you would react exactly like that.  I didn't believe her."

She continues to laugh for another minute.  I lower my head.

"I'm only teasing, fur.  Miss Cassandra said you can have 1 drumstick, 1 wing, 1 biscuit, and a little bit of mashed potatoes."
"Thank you, Miss Lisa.  Thank you so much."
"fur, I order you to eat at the table."

 I load up my plate.  I show the portions to Lisa for verification.  She nods in agreement.  I take my plate to the table and sit.

"When is the last time you had fried chicken, fur?  Miss Cassandra said you were having some colonel cravings."
"I can't remember, Miss Lisa.  Maybe 5 years ago?"
"Silly, fur, you act like it's such a privilege to eat normal food.  Miss Cassandra always has you eat crap."
"Oh, no, Miss Lisa.  It is a privilege to eat this food.  I'm always grateful to Mistress for allowing me to eat enough.  What I eat is just a symbol... that we are not equals."
"You still blow my mind, fur.  I can't understand how you handle this like it's normal.  You don't have to answer, let me guess, 'love and trust.'"

I nod.  We begin eating.  I savor every bite, every morsel. 

"Do you see me as an equal, fur?"
"Of course not, Miss Lisa.  You are my superior."
"And that's just how it is?"
"Not quite, Miss Lisa.  You are special to me.  You are an angel."

Lisa blushes.  She chugs down her glass of wine.  She talks while I fetch her a refill.

"You know, fur, one of these times I will have you make dinner for me.  Every time you cook it's so good."

I smile.  I enjoy cooking for Mistress and her friends.  It feels very rewarding.  The meal slowly winds down.  I've gnawed my bones clean.  The plate is clean.  Every drop of potatoes and gravy gone.  Every piece of breading, gone.

Lisa finishes her second glass of wine.  Her water remains full.  She picks at the food on her plate.  She finished a wing and part of a breast.  Plenty of meat remains.  My fingers fidget.  My eyes fixate on her plate.

Without a word, Lisa rises.  She carries her plate with her.  She stops.  Our eyes meet.  Her cheeks are flushed from the wine but her expression has gone cold.  She holds the plate over the garbage.  My eyes fill with longing.  She tips her plate and its contents slide into the can.  I frown and lower my eyes.

"Put the leftovers in the fridge.  They are for Miss Cassandra.  Do the dishes and bring me more wine in the living room."
"Yes, Miss Lisa."  I bow.  My voice is tiny.

I put away the food.  I quickly and thoroughly wash the dishes.  I place the bottle of wine and a fresh glass on a silver serving tray and move to the living room.  Lisa slumps into the couch.  She seems a bit conflicted.  I steady the tray and pour another glass of wine.  I kneel in front of her, holding the tray before her.

Lisa takes the wine in hand and swallows a huge gulp.

"Are you okay, Miss Lisa?"  She rapidly shakes her head, like she's clearing the cobwebs.
"Rub my feet, fur."

I nod.  I set the tray on the coffee table.  She parts the robe below the waist.  I slowly remove the slipper from her right foot, raise the ankle of her blue jeans, and slide her sock off her foot.

"Kiss it."

I lower my face and kiss the top of her foot.  She wiggles her toes as my lips part.

I caress her foot between my hands.  I rub the sole.  I work to her arch.  Gently but with pressure.  No tickling.  She moans as my thumbs do their work.  My hands work their way towards her heel.  I rub and press, rub and press.  I work the outline of her foot.  I've practiced this routine to perfection.  Press and rub.  Rub and press.  Her moans increase in frequency and length.  I can smell her.  I am doing well.

I rub the top of her foot.  Ankle to toes.  A motion that stimulates circulation.  I can hear her upper body shifting back and forth on the couch.  I work each toe.  Gently, rubbing, moving it individually.  Her moans increase.  I work my way down from big to small.  I finish the pinky last.  I release my hands and start for the left foot.

"Suck my toes."

I freeze for a second.  She wiggles her foot.  I take it again in my hands.  I lower my head.  My lips encase her big toe.  I form a suction.  I press my tongue against the pad and gently rub in circles, gradually widening to get the sides and tip.  Lisa continues to moan and writhe on the couch.  Her scent is strong now.  One hand holds the wine.  The other rubs back and forth across her stomach and waistline.  I can tell she fights the urge to touch herself.  I smile.

I move down to the next toe.  Suction.  Pressure with my tongue.  I vary the motions and the pull of my lips.  I press my thumbs against her arch and rub.  She arches her back, lifting her pelvis up.  The way her body dances brings me joy.  My tongue circles the toe.  My hands continue working various parts of her foot.  Her hand makes a long motion.  It grazes her crotch.  Her moans shift up a pitch.

She repeats the motion several times.  I grin as best I can.  I give a playful little nibble with my teeth.  She squeals.  I move to the next toe.  I hear her gulp down the remaining wine in the glass.  She leans forward and sets it on the tray.  Her hands dig into the couch, searching for a handle.  Suck.  Lick.  Rub.  Press.  She continues to move her hand in long motions.  From naval to the tip of her crotch.  Up and down, up and down.  Her moans are wonderful.

I'm confident enough to think playful thoughts. 'Oh you better save yourself, Miss Lisa, we still have 7 toes to go,' floats in my head.

I move down a toe.  Her scent fills the room.  Her hand motions aren't long anymore, her hand barely leaves her crotch.  I continue to suck, rub, lick, press.  Her body thrashes around.  Her moans are mixed with pants.  Her hand moves faster.  She cries out.  Her body shakes and convulses.  Women's orgasms are wonderful.  I smile and release my lips from her toe.

"Don't you fucking dare stop!"

Her moans continue.  I move down a toe.  I repeat the process.  Her reload time surprises me.  Her hand is already up to full speed again.  I finish the final toe on the foot.  I release my lips and kiss the top of her foot.  She rubs herself vigorously.  She gently kicks my hands away and lifts her pant leg with her foot.  Her toes grip her sock and yank it off.

"Other foot."

I kiss the top of the foot.  My hands find their positions and begin to work.  She lets out a grunt.

"Don't just rub, suck."

Her noises evoke anticipation.  My lips encase her big toe.  Her body erupts with another orgasm.

She pulls her foot from my hands and mouth.

"More wine."

I turn and pour her another glass.  I present it to her on the tray.  Lisa grabs the glass and gulps it down.  She returns it empty to the tray.  I place the tray on the coffee table.

"On your back.  Hands at your sides."

I lay back on the floor.  Her eyes look through me.  Her cheeks flush red.  Lisa takes a deep breath.  She closes her eyes and pauses.  They open again.  She steps out with her foot and sets it on my chest.  She presses off the floor.  Her weight sinks onto me.  I wince a little.  Her other foot finds its way to my torso.

She wobbles a little.  I flex my abdominal muscles.  She extends her arms and steadies, gradually adapting to her footing.  She walks across my chest in tiny steps.  Her lips part into a smile.  Back and forth, up and down.  She turns about.  Lisa smirks and lets out a squee.  I'm surprised but I think she is as well.  This is obviously an adventure for her.

She walks on my shoulders, my sternum, my ribs.  She places one foot just below my waist.  Her legs straddle over me.  I feel her toes flex and grip at my uniform.  She jockeys her weight back and forth between her feet.  She continues to smile.  It's uncomfortable but I endure.

She continues for a few minutes.  She moves her feet up and down like a little march.  Soon she laughs.  It's not a normal laugh... it reminds me a bit more of... Dominique.  She continues marching and turning in circles.  Her laughs border on cackles.  Finally, she steps off, placing a foot on either side of my head.  I breathe deep, thankful for the weight off my chest.

Lisa drops to her knees.  Her crotch falls directly onto my face.  I feel the denim dig into my chin.  Her pants are quite wet.  Her scent soon covers my face.  She wiggles around a little and makes some tiny grinds.  I lose myself.  My sex strains against the belt.  I miss you, Mistress.

She inhales a deep breath and blows it out with a scoff.

"My husband would kill me."  She's speaking to no one.  Thoughts out loud.

She climbs up off of me.  I gaze up at her.  Her hair is a mess.  Her face is flushed.  I roll over and get on my knees.  I lean down and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.

"Thank you, Miss Lisa, for allowing me the privilege of pleasing you."

I look up.  Our eyes meet.  I smile.  She smiles back.

"fur, why is there only 1 of you?"

I blush and close my eyes.  Compliments still feel strange.

"fur, Miss Cassandra's bathroom has a hand-held shower head right?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa."
"Good.  I'm off to the shower and then skype with my husband.  You have free time until 10pm.  Then I want you to wash up and sleep on the cot downstairs.  Make sure to lock your collar to the chain.  I'll check on you in the morning."
 "Thank you, Miss Lisa."

She takes a few steps towards the bedroom and pauses.

"fur, why did you let me do all that?"
"Miss Lisa, I assumed that Mistress gave you permission to use me."
"Well, yes, but I never mentioned that."

She shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

"Love and trust, right?"
I nod.

"fur, if Miss Cassandra never told you that you had to obey me, would you still have done all of that?"
"Yes, Miss Lisa."
"Because you're special to me, Miss Lisa.  You are an angel."

She blushes heavily but lets a smile slip through.

"fur, do dominant women always feel this guilty at the start?"
"I don't know about all, Miss Lisa, but many do."
"How do they get past it?"

I pause for a minute.

"That is a good question, Miss Lisa.  I can think of a couple of things.  I think as time goes on a woman has to believe she deserves to get what she wants.  If you deserve it, then why feel guilty about getting it?"
"What is the second one, fur?"
"That is a bit more complicated, Miss Lisa.  You either need a sub that will enjoy what you are doing so you can say it's for both of you.  Or... you need a sub that will enjoy enduring what you are doing even if he hates the act." 
"That is more complicated, fur.  How do you know if a sub is either of those?"
"It's easy, Miss Lisa.  If he pitches a tent, then yes."

Lisa blushes and covers her hands with her face.  It's still cute to watch her lose her composure.

"Thank you, fur.  I'm going to the shower.  I want you to have another piece of chicken before bed.  A drumstick.  I'll tell Miss Cassandra I ate it."

She smiles at me.  I return the smile.  I try to keep my thoughts pure and avoid thinking about Lisa in the shower.  I head to the kitchen.  The colonel is calling me. 



  1. This was written as though it did indeed happen. If so, then what a lovely interlude. I can see how that rekindled your interest.



    1. Thank you, r.

      The debate I was having earlier when I asked for ideas was what Lisa's "thing" was going to be. My first impulse was trampling and although that isn't an interest of mine, I decided to go for it and see what happened.

    2. Oops, I may have misinterpreted your comments, r. It's late.

      If you were wondering if this actually happened, it is fiction. The toe sucking is based upon an actual experience and I do have a fondness for the colonel's chicken, but the scenario and the rest of it is made up.

  2. I must say that I'm very happy that you spend so much time on foot worship of an "intimate" sort. I've always regarded my feet as an erogenous zone in that having them worshipped, rubbed, sucked, etc. is definitely a physical as well as mental turn-on. Many other women, including Doms, simply view foot worship as a way to "show him his place", but it's much more than that to me - and you've clearly picked up on that characteristic. I assume this is because you've had Mistresses who feel the way that I feel.

    And am I wrong, or is it not a turn-on for you also, in a sexual way and, not just as a way to please your Mistress? In other words, are you "tenting" (as you say) when you worship her feet? My husband certainly is!

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. I remembered many of Karl's trials from early posts and I wanted to make sure to get some form of intimate footworship in this arc.

      F was very much into this, but I only toe licked/sucked once. The event in this chapter was based upon that.

      I do tent, but I am not sure what aspects of it bring that about. It also happens with back rubs, massages, and the like. Being there and able to watch/hear/smell her reactions as I pleasure her is probably my greatest turn on in all of D/s.

      It does bum me out a bit when women get angry about foot worship based upon experiences that left them thinking "is it me, or the feet?"