Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thoughts on Arc 5 (possible spoilers, do not read unless you have completed Part 31)

I just completed Arc 5.

This was the most difficult arc for me to complete, probably because this past week or so I have had very limited privacy and a few RL factors that limited normal sleeping patterns.

While Arc's 3 and 4 were centered around an underlying theme, Arc 5 was another "situation" based arc but of a much smaller period of time than Arcs 1 and 2.

This was based upon Lady Grey's blog entries writing about Karl's slave weekend(s).

Overall I feel pretty okay with how this Arc turned out.  The only downside of it is that I knew it was going to have some pacing issues after I completed the early parts.  I tried to make sure that an event worth reading about was present in each part but it was very clear that I would have had to pull some cheese like "2 more days that were exactly like this one happened" in order to avoid it dragging.  The climax was originally intended to happen at the end of Day 2 or Day 3.  I pushed it up until Day 1 and tried to have a powerful enough "trigger" to force an ending.  I hope that it doesn't suffer too badly from this.

The branding idea came from Miss Lily's blog entry on mind fucks.

The other major problem I ran into is that I don't understand how the mind and sex of a Dominant woman really work in this way.  I just worked under the idea that "more intense = good."

I do hope that I was able to catch the shift of the sub's thought patterns when newly entering such a state.  I know they could probably be conditioned to get past the initial differences, but I felt it would be a bit of an abrupt shock to someone like fs01 that has been living in a certain way for 5 years.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.    I'm currently stuck and without ideas for a sixth arc.


  1. Lady Grey has allowed me to comment on this blog entry, and she let me read the slave story from the beginning. You did a great job on all of it. There is a really big difference between being a sub and a slave, and at first it's very confusing and frightening to see one's Mistress taking on a different persona. There is definitely a fear factor involved, and you caught that very well. For me, the gradual shift in levels of subordination came fairly quickly, and slave space replaced sub space. It was a fuller surrender than simply being a sub, and required total trust in Her Highness (as I address Lady Grey when in slave mode and am allowed to speak). Now that we do it on a regular basis, I find that I slip into slave space faster and faster. There's still a fear factor, as I've felt what Her Highness can and will do as a slave driver, but I trust her completely and know that she'd never truly endanger me. I think your "fur" character knew that as well, but there was a lingering doubt as to how far she'd take it, and I get that too. I think you did the whole thing very well, and I can add that I look forward to it each month despite the shiver of fear that it brings. Hell, maybe that's why I look forward to it. I'm hoping that if you write more in this vein, Lady Grey will be so kind as to let me comment some more.


    1. Thank you very much for the comments Karl. Thank you as well Lady Grey for granting Karl permission to read and comment.

      Your compliments really mean a lot to me. I have been into deep subspace, but I have never experienced true slavespace first hand. When I imagined and immersed myself in the fantasy I wasn't quite sure at the pace of the mental adjustment, especially the first time. My best guess was that the first time there would be some struggle with letting the ego die and being able to exist without a sense of self (replaced with a sense of purpose/use).

      I will definitely keep in mind that the transition happens more quickly in future instances.

      Seeing as the story doesn't have a lot of "day to day," I will likely have to come up with a set of events that will change the depth of fs's submission if he is going to crave it. This has my mental gears turning.

      Thank you again, Karl.